For eleven years, the MCU has pushed the movie industry to new heights, giving us the best iteration of comic book heroes in history. While there is no particular order, the list below will show you the official Starkfeed edition of the Hottest women in the MCU!

Top 5 Hottest Women in the MCU

#1 Lady Sif

Hottest Women in the MCU

While she had a short run in the MCU Thor movies, we got to see enough of her Lady Sif to know she is not a lady you want to mess with. Leading Asgardian armies to battle, there isn’t much about her that isn’t completely attractive.

#2 Aunt May

MCU girls

Few People were expecting the newly cast Aunt May to be none other than the beautiful Marisa Tomei. While she hasn’t been the focal point of any of the MCU movies, she remains a constant reminder of how the MCU has changed how we view Marvel. And in this case, its for the better.

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#3 Peggy Carter

Hot girls MCU

There is just something about a woman who knows how to take charge. And that is definitely a characterization of the amazingly beautiful Peggy Carter. Being the main love interest for Captain America, it is easy to see why they work so well together. She is strong, determined, and a natural born leader: All qualities that make a woman beautiful!

#4 Scarlett Witch

Hottest MCU Girls

Definitely one of the strongest women in the MCU, Wanda Maximoff makes it as number 4 on our list of hottest women in the MCU. As one of the edgier girls in the MCU, her mysterious and dark nature adds significantly to her allure. A great job from Elizabeth Olsen for portraying a not-so-famous-before character and making her a household name.

#5 Black Widow

Best Women MCU

Ok, I think its safe to say you all knew she was going to be on this list. Scarlett Johansson, the queen of the MCU, takes the crown as the hottest woman in MCU. With her agile combat and silver tongue, she can fight or talk her way out of any situations, and for 10 years, she has flipped her way into our hearts. Though she is gone now, he sacrifice and loyalty to her friends is a lesson we can all take with us for ages to come.

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