obstacles to thinking
The ability to think critically will benefit students throughout their lives. Here are a few tips on how to get started.


Every thought we come up with we tend to create a contradicting obstacle for that thought because we all set limits to our self and connect them with reality and anything that might seem far from reality we tend to block, but our thoughts should never have limits no matter what since thoughts can alter our life and direct it In way that should not be altered by others opinions. 


Directions are thought blockers because it tend to limit our thinking and narrow it down to a specific way and every thing that contradict with the directions. Don’t follow direction as an obsolete way for your results 


Laws restrict our thoughts, when it comes to finding solutions for problems because it may contradict with laws or those thoughts may never come reality due to the fact of law restrictions, stress: stress can devour our thoughts because it limits our thoughts on finding answer or a satisfaction for the cause of that stress and disables us from concentrating on our thoughts. everyone needs to find a place or a thing to do where they can relive stress 


The media has a great influence on our thoughts because it limits our thinking to what the majority of the events they choose to show us and mostly Media shows more negative that positive news that lead to stress and limit our thinking about solutions for the problems and leads us to thinks about problems rather than solutions. Don’t listen to the media or take it seriously in any matter because it is a hard to avoid distraction go to books for your knowledge about any topic do your own research 


The education system is build on limiting creativity and shutting curiosity since young age because we are taught to follow rules and directions and then we are forced to to do vast amount of school work this way we don’t even get to have pice of mind that is essential for creative thinking, as well as the stress added to get good grades that determine your future. As well as the educators themselves because some got the job because they failed to land something else they wanted in life and the useless school curriculums that haven’t changed and adapted to all the changes the happened in the world. The education system is a failing system do not follow it of put your faith in it, study what interest you and what you have a passion about and believe in it. And expand your knowledge beyond school if you actually wanna learn in life. 

Feelings, Emotions

This is a double edge sword  since it can be thought blockers or thought generators but when you are thinking out of emotion the thoughts tend to be way more powerful blocking our focus on other thoughts .. get to know your self and have a big goal and imagine yourself already achieved that goal and whenever your emotions are triggered you can redirect to the emotion you created about your goal this will  redirect you to an emotion or a feeling you created putting you back in charge 

Lack of confidence: lack of confidence can cause your thoughts that can be achievable to be blocked because you simply don’t believe In your thought. And you can never connect thoughts to feelings and since feelings are energy thoughts and feeling when they don’t connect they never become matter. Or something you can achieve. Build your confidence by setting small goals and achieving them because achievement gives satisfaction that is necessary to build confidence and the power of capability.


When you have an obligation to do in the future you tend to think about it and the possible ways to achieve it. But since its an event you need to do in the future and the thinking originates from the past actions or ideas it can limit your thinking. Get your obligations done and do not procrastinate to have a clear mind because your brain will constantly remind you of completing things you have not finished and it causes stress 

Attitude or energy

The energy you have and the one you get from people around you can change your thinking for example lives negative attitude of energy can turn your positive thoughts into negative one 

Judgment and fear we are all limited in our thoughts due to society judgment or our image in that society and getting caught with others thoughts of you and not sticking to your lives about yourself. is People opinions don’t matter, be the different person you are and people will follow, someone has to follow theres around 6 billion people out there looking for something to follow because its in our nature so is leadership but one is our of the comfort zonethe so we fear it.