Twitter Engagement: Tips On What You Should Do

twitter engagement

Twitter can be difficult to get your head around, it’s such a fast-moving platform and it really helps to have some tips & tricks to help make sure you are getting the best out of it. This article will teach you how to boost your Twitter engagement.


Share Their Own Content

Twitter is a high volume, low-value platform, so to be visible you need to share your content frequently.


Share Other People’s Content

A community is built on sharing & helping each other. Sharing can help you develop relationships. It will also help establish your position as a go-to source for great information. Adding value to your followers.


Use Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are vital. Typically people follow a lot of people on Twitter, so if you’re looking at your entire feed all the time, chances are you will miss most of the things you actually want to see. Lists help you organize the noise!


Search For Twitter Lists

Why not utilize the lists for other people? When you set up a list you have the choice to make to make it public or keep private. Imagine not having to do all the leg work for yourself, find interesting new people to follow and interact with.


Use IFTTT To Automatically Add People To Lists

You can use IFTTT to automatically add people who mention you in a tweet to a specific Twitter list.


Use Twitter Keyboards Shortcuts

Speed up your Twitter experience by knowing Twitter-specific keyboard shortcuts.


Use Video

Have more to say than 140 characters? Then use video in your tweet. You can tweet out a video up to 30 seconds. tweets visually enhanced by photos or videos tend to get more attention.


Use Four Pictures For Each Tweet

Tweets with photos do significantly better than ones without, but have you ever added more than one picture? You can actually add 4 pictures in total to each tweet you put out.


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