Top Ten Suit Brands Every Man Should Have in His Closet

top ten suit brands

If you’re like most people, you care about how you present yourself in public when it comes to style.  For the aesthetically challenged this article is not for you. Getting back to it, even though you may or may not be able to acquire these premium suits at the moment, here is our compiled list of top ten suit brands for when you reach the hills.



top ten suit brands

1. Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is one of the leading brands in the production of fabrics, men’s apparel, including suits worldwide.  Its inception in 1910 had taken place in Milan, Italy, a renowned center for high fashion worldwide. A Key ingredient to their success and domination of the industry is the fact they make their own fabrics, with their own wool mills stationed in Australia. Big Brand names like Tom Ford and Brioni use these fabrics for their own apparel.




top ten suit brands


2. Brookes Brothers

Brookes Brothers were founded way back in the day during the year 1818, making this suit company the oldest within the entire United States.  Their Suits are considered to be one of the best worldwide having premium tailoring and fabric, their suits are definitely a must buy if you’re looking to turn any heads.




top ten suit brands


3. Oxford

This American Brand makes the list with being one of the most highly customizable suits making companies in the market. You are able to pick almost anything you can imagine fitting on a suit down to its most minute details.




top ten suit brands

4. Stefano Ricci

This purely Italian Suit maker was born in Florence with a supreme finesse at tailoring suits. The Suits made here are considered the prime quality of any Italian Suit making with its premium fabrics even rumored to be as good as any man can make. However, Let’s keep that between us.




top ten suit brands


5. Thom Browne

Thom Browne is not that old compared to most of the suit tailors on this list, with its inception being in the year 2001. However saying it is any less luxurious would be a sin to the industry, Thom Browne’s suits are based on old tailoring techniques, the kicker being the suits will have a modern touch to them, these will be the premium suits of our time.




top ten suit brands


6. Giorgio Armani

This brand is most well known for mixing traditional and a sense of modernism into their suits as well, expanding on old techniques to make new ones.  This brand excels in their attention to detail putting their suits in a must-have category.




top ten suit brands


7. Givenchy

The fashion capital of the world, Paris, birthed to the world Givenchy, an exclusively Parisian tailoring brand that is yet another dominator of the industry with premium quality suits.  Wearing a suit made by Givenchy won’t just give you just browny points, but the whole platter instead and then some.




top ten suit brands

8. Gucci

This progressive Suit brand expanded on how to make every suite they release unique in terms of design.  This brand will use the finest of just about any fabric that will work on a suit and present their next brainchild to the world. Nothing today says class quite like the word Gucci.




top ten suit brands


9. Ralph Lauren

This tailoring company began as nothing more than a brand for ties, however, the expansion into other fields of man’s apparel led to a cultural boom with their name being one of the most recognizable in today’s time. Their exceptional attention to detail and fabrics earn them a spot on this list.




top ten suit brands


10.  Cifonelli

A producer of handmade bespoke suits, Cifonelli, originated in Paris. They do not stick to only the old tailoring techniques incorporating the trendiest aspects of the present time into their suits. This makes them of the most respected tailors in Paris along with the world.



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