Top Gadgets That Make Life A Little Easier


We all love gadgets. Its what makes the far, closer, and the trialsome, less tedious.  As a result of civilized advances in tech, life in general is more comparable to a walk in the park than without them. Important technology is not only found in high end electronics but even in some accessories as well.

here are some gadget entries that help fix the small things:

Lowepro Urbex Backpack



Does the perfect backpack exist? Can it ever exist? Everyone needs to carry something different to and from work every day, but Lowepro has come very close to perfection with its Urbex backpack by optimizing it for modern electronics. Gone are the DSLR-cradling padded pockets that Lowepro packs are known for. They’ve been replaced with zippered pouches for tablets and thin laptops, as well a smaller gear bag inside—ideal for storing charging cables, backup batteries, and countless tiny accessories—that can be accessed from the side without having to actually remove the backpack first. – Andrew Liszewski.


DJI Spark



Teeny, tiny drones used to be a joke. They’d get blown into the trees anytime a gentle breeze came through, and they couldn’t deliver anything in terms of camera footage. The DJI Spark is a game-changer. Despite its size, this little quadcopter delivers almost all the same features as DJI’s celebrated line of full-sized drones. Plus, it’s fun as hell to fly. – Adam Clark Estes


Nebia Shower



The Nebia Shower System is not a smart shower, but very much a product born of Silicon Valley. With money from tech celebrities Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt, Nebia found a way to significantly reduce water waste while simultaneously rethinking how a shower’s supposed to feel. Standing underneath the Nebia shower head is like bathing in a thick, fluffy mist. It’s the perfect way to wash away a night of stress-reading Twitter. But be warned, curious minds: The Nebia is best suited for either warm apartments or summer months. If your home always feels too cold, or if you rely on underpowered steam technology to heat your house, at times you may find the Nebia doesn’t feel hot enough. If you live in a modern apartment building, or far away from the bitter chills of New York, you should be fine. – Harrison Weber


Halo Carbon Fiber Board




Longboards are definitely cool, and Segways are definitely not cool. Combine them and you’ve got the Halo Board, an actually-not-that-lame motorized longboard. Despite having never ridden a skateboard in my life, the board was easy to get the hang of and fast as hell, and didn’t almost kill me. At 14 pounds and around 1300 bucks, it’s lighter and cheaper than the competition. Watch out for the plastic controller, though, since I managed to shatter it just by storing the board. And watch what you wear while you ride it, or else a Gizmodo commenter might call you a poser. – Ryan Mandelbaum.

Lenovo Yoga 720


Getting a laptop for under $1000 usually means a lot of compromise. You have to go with Chrome OS if you don’t want something big and heavy. But Chrome OS, while hugely improved this year, still isn’t nearly as productive as Windows 10. Which is why Lenovo’s $880 Yoga 720 is such a wonderful device. It’s a cheap Windows laptop that doesn’t compromise form for price. – Alex Cranz




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