Top Five Online Colleges of 2018

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Here Are The Top Five best Online Colleges

With the world ever so diligently embracing its digital frontier, a quality education is now more than ever attainable through online college classes. An online college classes enable students to receive their education with more convenience and greater flexibility than their traditional on campus counterpart.

  1.  University of Southern California

A completed online education at the university of southern equips its graduates with a vast and applicable laundry list of skills. The graduates of USC also have the option to pursue a masters, and, or a graduate certificate. These serve to dramatically increase their marketability within the employment of their choosing. Aside from the specialized education students will receive pertaining to their chosen field of study, USC also provides financial aid packages that tremendously lightens the weight of any financial problems that may arise.

  • Financial aid – 59%
  • Total programs – 54
  • Student teacher ratio – 9:1
  • Grad rate – 90%


2. Harvard University

Harvard’s online college education enables its students to attain the necessary education in a more convenient and quicker path. Online course students have the same privileges as the on campus students including counseling services, academic advisement, and tutoring assistance specific to their field of study. Harvard allows its financial aid to fully cover the online classes.

  • Financial aid – 56%
  • Total programs – 38
  • Student teacher ratio – 8:1
  • Grad rate – 97%


3. Drexel University

Drexel University’s online college students have the luxury of completing their degree in parts or wholly. Students will be aided by knowledgeable teachers who are familiar on how to operate and use the online class format. This provides students an optimal experience in retrieving their education. Online students may take advantage of all student services offered to traditional students.

  • Fincancial aid – 93%
  • Total programs – 71
  • Student Teacher ratio – 10:1
  • Grad rate – 65%


4. Canisius College

Canisius’s online college provides its students to achieve a masters and graduates through a plethora of online courses. Canisius allows its students to achieve their education through an entirely online format and, or, in a hybrid format. This enables students to completely optimize their education by giving them complete control over their schedule.

  • Financial aid – 99%
  • Total Programs – 17
  • Student teacher ratio – 12:1
  • Grad rate – 68%


5. Concordia University- Wisconsin

Concordia University of Wisconsin has over 50 available online degrees that are all available to its students. Concordia University streamlines its students to their overall goal of landing their specialized career, Concordia University specializes in online education making it on of the most recommendable locations to get an online college education.

  • Financial aid – 98 %
  • Total Programs – 38
  • Student teacher ratio – 13:1
  • Grad rate – 59%







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