Top 3 Tips to Help You Build Your AR 80 Lower Receiver

AR 80 Lower Receiver

There are a lot of parts that go into a successful AR 80 Lower receiver. An AR build kit is one of the best ways to build an 80 Lower effectively. However, there are a lot of ways to improve and build a kit more efficiently. Here are the top three tips to help you build YOUR AR 80 Lower.

Completion Phases

AR Building is usually done quite methodically. Phases help to manage efficiency in build time and keep it organized as well. 

Milling – This can be tricky as organization and precision are the key components to successful milling. it is best not to rush because one screw up can lead to a ruined build. Since the 80 Lower is an unfinished product itself, it may take some time to get this part done and even longer for beginners. Be Careful!

Lower Installation – Once the milling process is complete, everything should be in perfect order to install. Install the lower kit first and be careful about the parts as placement can be kind of tricky. At this point, you will have created a functioning rifle so don’t forget to admire your work!

Upper Receiver – Now it is time for the last bit to make this a successful build. Most of the time, upper receivers are already assembled so this step may not even be necessary. If so, assign yourself an hour or two or careful work in order to get the best possible outcome.

Having the Correct Tools

Having the parts of your AR 80 Lower, but not having the tools to build it is like driving a car with no gas in it. be sure to have a proper mill and vice in order to do the proper drilling. Some other tools that are the most useful to have are the armorer’s wrench for the buffer tube, Roll pin punch for the lower receiver, and an AR15 pivot roll pin install tool.

Forged or Billet?

The difference between forged and billet can have an effect on your build.

Forged – These are lighter and more durable but no unique appearance.

Billet – These are heavier, but less durable than forged lowers. These do however offer more uniqueness to the build and tend to look better than the forged counterpart.

The choice is up to you, however. Because the difference in the two lower styles is more cosmetic, the effect it has on the performance of the rifle is virtually non-existent.

There you have it. Top 3 Tips on completing your AR 80 Lower Receiver.

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