Title Boxing Club Winter Park Review
Title Boxing Club Winter Park is the place to train!

There isn’t much to talk about when it comes to a standard gym that hasn’t already been said before. Which is one of the reasons Title Boxing Club stands out so much. For anyone involved or wanting to get into fitness, this Title Boxing Club Winter Park review is for you.

What is Title Boxing Club?

Title Boxing Club is not just a boxing club, but a place where people go to push their limits. It is a gym that combines high intensity cardio and the full body effort of boxing. These tough workouts are designed to push you past your perceivable limits.

The work out classes are done in groups, but they even offer private training for a more personalized experience.

Title Boxing Work Outs

There are several different classes at Title Boxing Club Winter Park. And as stated before, they mix the styles of MMA, Kick-Boxing, and Boxing with high intensity cardio to not only build fitness, but create warriors.

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MMA Classes – These are the most full body classes designed to teach you the mechanics of MMA. A training system that is made for the advanced, or those who want to challenge themselves even further.

Kick-Boxing Classes – These classes incorporate the dynamic nature of kicking and punching to create a mix of fitness and the execution of more complicated combos.

Boxing Classes – Boxing classes require the utmost concentration. Here you will learn how to throw every kind of punch there is. Staff will teach you how to develop speed and power, not just in your punch, but in the way you move as well.

The classes are done in 8 rounds, that mimic the rounds an actual fight takes place in. Except the only opponent you face is yourself.

You start with the warm up. At first it seems like an easy start, with jumping jacks. But you’re in for the rudest awakening when the you’re sprawling and jumping and turning and shifting. And the workout hasn’t even started yet.

The 8 ensuing rounds take about an hour to complete and by the time its finished, you feel more tired than you have ever felt, but you are victorious!

The Atmosphere

In this Title Boxing Club Winter Park Review, we will discuss the atmosphere that makes this place so great.

There are many aspects of Title Boxing Club Winter Park that make the atmosphere feel fresh and welcoming. The staff is well experienced, and professional as they teach combos and push you to achieve what you didn’t think you could.

The work outs are fun and all skill levels are invited, which relieves the pressure for first timers. Just pick a bag and go!

There is a shop at the gym for people to buy the highest quality gear and merchandise, but for those who are less committed, They do offer free to use wraps and gloves for the class. The staff even encourages coming in 30 minutes early to get geared up and become familiar with everyone around.

At Title Boxing Club, from the moment you step in, you are a part of the family!

There is a lot more than a simple workout to expect from Title Boxing Club. It is the atmosphere, the workouts, the staff, that all make it so much more. Check out the Title Boxing Club Winter Park website here!