9 Reasons Why Girls Hate Your Tinder Profile

how to make a tinder profile and get more dates

Want to know why your not getting any matches on Tinder? It’s not that your ugly… its because your tinder profile sucks. Take a look below, and learn how to make a tinder profile and get more dates.

Girls Hate Your Bio Description

Spelling mistakes, cliches, overused quotes, useless and boring information all are cardinal sins for setting up your Tinder account. Reading that you’re looking for your “Tinderella” does not put any girl into a fairy tale mode.

When a girl sees spelling mistakes, they think you’re careless or uneducated, sure it may or may not be true but your profile is the only thing they have to go off of. Don’t feed her a line, keep it simple and fun. It’s not a job interview, but they do want to make sure you have a personality so don’t leave your bio blank.

Crappy Photos

You may as well be saying this is the only picture you have that you like and you really have to put it on the internet. Try to showcase yourself and how great you are, avoid looking like your trying to hide something.

Cookie Cutter Photos

There no variety of expressions, similar activities, similar environments. Seeing 5 photos of you in the same clothes, doing the same thing at the same place pretty much tells them, you dont have a life. Mix it up they like dynamic men. Plus, the more you show, the more likely it is that they can find something in common with you.

Selfie Sin

If all of your pictures are just selfies, it comes off as though you never leave the house and engage in picture worthy activities and too many selfies encourages this assumption.

Girls Hate That You Have Too Many Group Photos

It can be hard to determine which one out of the squad you are. When you post too many group photos and even one as your first picture they cant also tell who you are making you seem insecure and hiding yourself. Your suppose to be the star of the show, but your group pictures just make them check out your friends instead of you.

Girls Hate That You Don’ Smile

They absolutely want to see your smile, it tells so much about you as an individual and gives them the impression that you are happy. If not it makes them think either your serious all the time or you hate the camera.


Girls want to talk to men who at least have the appearence of having their own life together. Too much partying or obscenity is just not the type of man they want to get to know. Its fine however to show that you like to be social and have a drink sometimes but lady’s like to see a man who stays in control. Seeing you with a beer in your hand everywhere is a red flag for them. It tells them that your a douche.

Shirtless Selfies

If you put shirtless selfies it comes across as desperate for attention, they’d rather be pleasantly surprised about your pecks in person. just don’t do it they’ve seen plenty of shirtless selfies and its always best to be subtle with your good looks. keep it for the beach.

Intimate Photos With Other Girls

This should be a no brainer. Do you want to see them with guys in their photos? Enough said. While they want to know that you attract women they dont necessarily want to see you with one while they’re checking you out, complicated I know. I can be a turn off for them though.

You’ve just learned the 9 reasons why girls hate on your tinder profile. Take these hints on how to make a tinder profile and get more dates and begin going out to a sushi dinner on Friday nights more often.