The “X” On The Playstation Controller is a Cross?


That’s right folks, the dualshock controller is not how we have always seen it. the “X” button on the right button pad is not actually named after the letter we have always referred to it as. Instead it is called the cross, as confirmed after so long, by Playstation UK in a series of tweets meant to poke fun at the players who have called it “ex” for so many years.

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“Triangle. Circle. Cross. Square,” PlayStation UK tweeted. “If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?”

Is the very fabric of our reality as gamers a lie? Or is this a silly debate between the players and Sony? Some players have chimed in to give their thoughts on the real reason the name is not a cross and in fact a cross.

The reasoning behind it: well simply geometry of course. As an x is a shape that forms a rectangle, not a square like the cross forms. And when you think it about it like that the distinction is very clear.

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Playstation UK went further on its troll spree and added a nice spongebob meme into the mix.

But while all this debate and memery are going on, will this debate change the way anyone really goes about saying the southernmost button on the right button pad of the Dualshock controller? Sure it may be a funny joke for a while, but will that name really stick in the community? Only time will tell.