The Neptune Project: Ambitious Step to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Neptune Project

In this article, we invite you to join us while exploring an interesting new product: the stainless steel Neptune bottle. What are impressive about these bottles are not just the specifications, but the story behind them. Once upon a time, not far, a team of three members initiated an attempt to help spread an eco-friendly habit: using lasting products instead of single-use stuff. Ryan Trahan, McKay Nilson, and Robbie Campbell called their new experience “the Neptune Project”.

 About the Neptune Project 

Let’s start with the name. Neptune, the Roman name for the god of the sea and fresh water, seemed a perfect match to the team for the nature of their product. The Neptune Project is an active eco-friendly campaign that seeks the elimination of plastic waste, a huge source of the oceans’ pollution, by changing the individuals’ habit of heavily depending on single-use plastics. And here’s how they put the issue:

  • Half of the plastic waste results from disposable plastics, including bottles, straws, grocery bags, etc.
  • An entire garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the oceans once each minute.
  • Considering that plastic doesn’t decompose, you can begin to imagine the enormous extent of harm that has been taking place, and the accumulation of pollutions within the primary source of life on the planet: water.

 Why are oceans that important? 

Let’s see; oceans cover about 70% of planet earth, forming a home to most of the life from the smallest creatures such as the microscopic algae to the largest so far which is the blue whale. They are at the heart of the ecosystem. In addition to providing a living for myriads of people and being a massive source of food for numerous beings, oceans influence the weather and clean the air. Considering that the humans’ harmful impact has reached an alarming phase, it’s crucial to pause and look for more eco-friendly lifestyles.

Unfortunately, the collective efforts to eliminate water pollution internationally don’t move at a pace that matches the seriousness of the situation. However, the world has been witnessing a boost in the environmental awareness among the individuals which calls for optimism.

Aiming to spread an eco-friendly attitude, the Neptune Project team encourages the consumer to switch from the single-use plastics to the lasting products mindfully. And they have initiated their project with such an attractive alternative for single-use bottles: the Neptune bottle.

 The Neptune Bottle 

Neptune bottles are stainless steel hydration vessels designed to be both functional and elegantly-looking.  The high-end product comprises a range of impressive specifications such as a double-walled construction, copper layer, and a removable carry strap. Plus, a ripple texture decorates the cape as a symbol of the ripple effect where small actions gather to create exceptional results ultimately. The bottle is available in 20oz or 32oz capacity.

Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the product.

 The pros 

1 Extra insulation

The bottle is equipped with double-wall technology that maintains the coldness for 24 hours and the heat for 12 hours. This way you can have hot and cold drinks any time you want. You don’t have to drink them right after making to enjoy their cold or heat. This feature makes the bottle condensation proof, as well. It means you could take it in your bag while going out without worrying about the other stuff in it to get wet.

2 Corrosion resistance

Neptune bottles are made of high-quality stainless steel; food-grade 18/8 stainless steel is known to be quite durable and corrosion resistant. Needless to say that such characteristic elongates the lifetime of the product.

3 A customizable product

The Neptune bottle is available in three colors: white, black, and steel finish. However, if you have another color in mind, you could order it. The durable matte paints provide it with a stylish look. Besides, the carry straps have different colors for you to choose the one you like when ordering your bottle.

4 Made eco-friendly

All the components of the product are recyclable, from the steel to the paint. It doesn’t comprise harmful toxins, plus it’s BPA free which makes it 100% eco-friendly.

 The cons 

1 Relatively high price

The Neptune bottle is available at two prices; $25 for the 20oz bottle and $35 for the 32oz one. It’s a high price compared to that of a single-use plastic bottle. Nevertheless, if you widened your view to see the number of disposable plastics you would buy during a Neptune bottle lifespan, you would realize which one is more affordable. Plus, the impressive features that you wouldn’t certainly find in single-use stuff.

2 Some find disposable plastics easier to use

However, if you gave yourself some time to get used to the lasting products, you won’t eventually feel uncomfortable using them. Today, the awareness of the dangers of environmental pollution is more than ever; many individuals, as well as organizations, are turning green by eliminating their consumption of the single-use plastic and paper stuff.

 About the team 

The members of the Neptune Project are entrepreneurs who love exploring opportunities and diving into new adventures. Ryan Trahan is a 19-year old entrepreneur and social media, especially YouTube, activist. As a graphic designer, McKay Nilson is obsessed with visual communication; transmitting life into his creation, whether products, visuals, or experiences, is his biggest joy.  Robbie Campbell is a photographer who is fond of capturing the freshness of the world.

To come up with the Neptune Bottle, they spent a year cooperating with designers and engineers. The stainless steel bottle represents their first means to add momentum to the conversations about environmental issues.

No doubt, words get more powerful when supported by actions. That’s what the Neptune Project is about. So, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about the environmental issues on the planet where you live, take actions like adopting the usage of lasting products instead of single-use plastic and paper stuff.Check The Neptune Proje


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