Spider-Man Ps4 Update: 1.07 and 1.08 Patches and Info

New Info on recent patch updartes 1.07 and 1.08

Spider-Man Ps4 Update 1.07 and 1.08 are now live for players to enjoy. Along with these patches comes some new awesome picture mode editing tools, the new difficulty, Ultimate, and the New Game Plus mode, just in time for The Heist DLC coming out on the 23rd. Also added are two new Playstation trophies.

New Game Plus

The New Game Plus mode will allow players to start a new game with all collectibles gadgets, suits and whatever have you in mind. This isn’t like Dark Souls however, where players start new games with all  except for key items, but with a mandatory higher difficulty as well. Given that repition in Dark Souls makes the game easier to beat at higher new game plus levels. Instead, in this new Spider-Man Ps4 update, players will still be able to choose whatever difficulty they like.

I noticed that the difficulty levels in the game really only affect the hit rate of enemies. That being said, hopefully the new Ultimate difficulty mode adds a little more challenge than timing dodges more perfectly.

New Picture Mode Tools

The picture mode in Spider-Man Ps4 for is awesome. in the new Spider-Man Ps4 update, Insomniac placed in a few more stickers to add on pictures.

Image result for spider man ps4 downgrade

Insomniac also bit back, as they trolled players who were upset about a possible graphics downgrade before the launch of Spider-Man Ps4. In the most notable picture, a puddle had been missing from the ground where there had been one in an earlier gameplay demo. Insomniac added multiple puddle stickers in order to resolve any further issues related to a graphics downgrade.

Image result for spider man ps4 puddle sticker

Players will also be able to rotate their stickers now with the new Spider-Man Ps4 Update.

Two New Trophies

Two New trophies have been added to the game. The requirements to earn these the platinum now will be to complete the game on new game plus, and then to complete the game again on the ultimate difficulty. These can be done simultaneously in one new game.

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