What Your Sleeping Position Says About You



Sleep scientists and psychologists have been studying what the most common sleeping positions reveal about an individuals personality. Sleep Is one of the most revealing ways to tell a personality with a look into their subconscious, but from the outside of course!

Here are some of the traits that popped up regarding each of the posistions:


15% of people seem to find passing out like a log (lying on their side with their arms by their side) as the best way to catch some precious z’s. Does this boring, stiff sleeping position mean the sleeper is boring too? No! In fact, the opposite is true.

Traits: People who sleep like a log are known as social butterflies. Although they are friendly, carefree, and popular, these social, trusting people are known for being gullible.



Exactly as it sounds, the soldier position is where you sleep on your back with your arms by your sides. Only 8% of sleepers claim to get the most sleep this way.

–  Traits: Those who find themselves sleeping this way are typically quiet, reserved, and hold both themselves and other people to high standards and strict moral codes.


Having trouble imagining this one? It’s where you’re lying on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow and head turned to the side. Sleeping on your stomach is something many people find uncomfortable, but those who enjoy this position wouldn’t have it any other way.

–  Traits: Freefalling sleepers are bold and sociable on the outside, but typically don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticism or absurd situations



Another position that looks just the way it sounds: starfish sleepers sprawl out over the entire bed, comfortable and carefree. Another name you may be familiar with to describe it would be “spread eagle”. If you’re one to stretch out like this, chances are you’re a great friend.

–  Traits: Starfish sleepers are always eager to lend an ear or give a helping hand to their friends in need. They don’t necessarily like being the center of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there from time to time.


Pillow Hugger

People who are pillow huggers love to get snug and cuddled in bed, and are similar in personality to those stargazers above–they hold high value to the close, personal bonds in their life.

–  Traits: Whether it be family, friends or a significant other, pillow huggers cherish those relationships over everything else.


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