Senate Fails to Stop Vetoes on Measure to Stop Saudi Arms Sales

Trump Vetoes

The Senate fails as the struggle to stop President Trump’s vetoes on measures to stop arms sales to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were thwarted. According to the President, It “would weaken America’s global competitiveness and damage the important relationships we share with our allies and partners.”

The Vetoes came after President Trump issued an emergency to expedite the transfer of billions of dollars in arms sales to countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arabian Emirates in order to take down the “malign influence” in Iran and the Middle East.

Despite this fact, opposition to US involvement in Saudi Arabia has garnered a lot of support, as distaste for the Yemen War’s high civilian casualty count is a big factor in why critics do not want the US to be involved.

But it seems that President Trump is concerned with his foreign policy, as were it not for the fact that the US and Saudi Arabia are allies, The US would not be involved in Saudi affairs to begin with. According to President Trump, it would “damage the credibility of the United States as a reliable partner by signaling that we are willing to abandon our partners and allies at the very moment when threats to them are increasing.”