Sci-Fi gadgets and Tech you didn’t know existed

Sci-Fi gadgets and Tech you didn't know existed

Here is our Top 5 List Of Sci-Fi gadgets and Tech you didn’t know existed.


Scifi gadgets and tech you didnt know existed

MIT Created Device that Reverses Paralysis

This device when implanted in the motor cortex of the brain and wrapped electrodes around the spinal cord, recognizes the intention of movement replacing the lost organic functions to the specified body part. The creator of such a device came from a french scientist by the name of Grégoire Courtine inspired by a monkey who had lost control over its right leg.



Scifi gadgets and tech you didnt know existed


Google’s Self Driving Car Waymo 360

The beginning of this technology began way back in the long-lost year of 2009, ever since then the thought of a self-driving automobile inspired Google to continue to advance their technology and as a result, the Wymo 360 was born.  Through a reported 7 million mile driving experience this self-driving car will soon have all the data it needs to predict the obstacles of everyday traffic. Its sensors allow it to specifically identify complex obstacles for instance hand motions from cyclists signaling their turn or entry into a lane.  With this revolutionary technology, it won’t be long before the act of driving no longer requires any input from an actual person.



Scifi gadgets and tech you didnt know existed


EarBuds That Translate In Real Time

Gone will be the days off language barriers. With this invention, translating earbuds, a google invention named pixel buds enable its wearer to have a complete translation of a foreign language while the other person speaks using their foreign tongue.  It is even more convenient when both parties are wearing this technology for the reason both will not have to worry about using their mother tongue even if the recipient of the conversation may not understand them.  This will truly break down the walls of the language barrier and make the world even smaller than it already is by unifying our different speech patterns.



Scifi gadgets and tech you didnt know existed



Smart Shoes

This technology implies exactly what its name is. The smart shoe taps into the information provided by the wearer’s steps and strides to calculate numerous messages sent by the feet. This technology could greatly benefit problems associated with the effects walking and running would have on the body, for instance, back problems join issues and even coach you on the p[roper form of running and walking to avoid injury.


Scifi gadgets and tech you didnt know existed


Hover Vehicles

Vehicles able to be driven off of the ground have always been a staple of every advance sci-fi movie. It is however increasingly becoming a reality with the Aero-X, a hoverbike able to reach a speed of 45 mph while maintaining an altitude of 10 feet. With this invention getting closer to a release to the population this means people will be hovering down roads to get to work sooner than you may think.




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