Rich Aloha Found SD Card Solving A Two Years Old Mystery​

Rich Aloha Mystery SD card
Rich Aloha Mystery SD card

I’m sure you have seen those videos on youtube of these people who put in a whole scuba diving set; and go into local rivers and local lakes searching for things people dropped and hoping they find something valuable; Rich Aloha is one of them but this time it’s a bit different considering his findings .

Rich Aloha a YouTube who is known for making travel videos filming the great experiences along the way. Well, recently the YouTube was scuba diving in Tennessee in a waterfall where people go cliff jumping and swimming. What he found was Shocking!

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Initially, Rich Aloha was treasure hunting expecting to find GoPro, iPhone, maybe chains or anything of value; tumbling upon something a little bit crazy he found an SD; card which is the memory card that holds data from your phone. Before the YouTuber hike start; park rangers were telling him about the story of a young man who drowned two years ago.

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What is on the SD card? it is final footage of the person drowning in the river; the story making a big noise for raising mystery and questions. Considering that the victim Richard Raglan who was a National Guard soldier; and known to be a good swimmer drowning in the river

The SD card remaining functional considering it is inside of the GoPro when found; Rich Aloha did the right thing by sending the SD card to the victim parents after tracking them down. The parents showing gratitude to Rich Aloha since they always want to know what truly went wrong.