Red Dead Online Money Glitch : Infinite Money Online


Lets face it, the economy in Red Dead online has created a rocky situation for the developers at Rockstar Games. Thankfully, just yesterday they released a secret patch that reduced many of the in game prices for weapons and clothing. on another high point, a glitch was discovered as well that could prove very lucrative for players who want all the best items in the game in a shorter amount of time. Here is how to reap the benefits of this awesome Read Dead Online Money Glitch

Red Dead Online Money Glitch Location

 Diving in on the Red Dead Online Money Glitch, players will want to head to Big Valley, which is in the North part of West Elizabeth. It is West of Valentine and North of Strawberry and  one of the notable factors of the valley are the endless fields of lavender across the terrain. You will head to Little Creek River, and follow it until you stumble upon a ranch. Players will remember this place if they played the Epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode

The Ranch for the Red Dead Online Money Glitch

Side Note:  In online, the ranch may be a gang hideout, in which case players will need to first subdue all opposition. Be careful though as the leader will be on the second floor of the house with a repeating shotgun

If there is no gang hideout then you are free to go.

Here is the House you will go to for the Red Dead Online Money Glitch

Enter the house to the right of the barn. Walk toward the stairs, and just before the stairs to the right, will sit a wardrobe. open the wardrobe and take all contents therein.

The contents will be hidden in this Wardrobe for the Red Dead Online Money Glitch

Once youve done that, pause the game, and enter into a new online session via the Free Roam option. This will allow you to spawn near where you last were making travel time a lot more manageable.

Go to “Free Roam” in order to complete the Red Dead Online Money Glitch

Go back to the house where you will then see again the same wardrobe. Open it and retrieve the contents.

You will be able to do this as many times as possible until you have 5 of all obtainable items.

Once you have taken all you can or want, go to any of the fences in the world and cash in. It is possible to get over $50 in 25 minutes with this awesome Read Dead Online Money Glitch.

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