Record-Breaking Hail In Colorado: “Big Hail Like This Can Easily Kill People”


The central United States experience record-breaking hail on Tuesday before the storms developed. Meteorologist Reed Timmer warned that the Colorado state hail record could have a run for its money, as the storms in the region have been developing in intensity quite drastically.

On Tuesday, his prediction for the new record-breaking hailstone came to fruition as a whopping 4.83 inch diameter stone fell in Bethune, Colorado. The old record was confirmed broken on Wednesday near the Colorado Climate Center and the National Weather Service office. The previously set record was 4.5 inches in diameter.

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A video depicts giant chunks of hail which came from Frederick Colorado on what seemed to be like a normal day, Brittney Richardson would get a rude awakening. “I heard kind of a bang and I thought that somebody hit the truck,” she claimed,”The truck started rocking and we have large hail coming down.”

The storm that caused all of this ruckus formed in the high plains near Bethune with a “perfect combination of wind-shear, low-level moisture and mid-level dry air,” said Timmer.

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As it showed on the radar, Brian Bledsoe, chief meteorologist for Channel 11 news in Colorado Springs, was fascinated by it, stating “Given the way the radar looked, [he] wouldn’t be surprised” if the hailstones come out to break records. However, this is not all the hail we can expect in the High plains as storms are said to be present during the week. We might just be thankful that although the weather called for it, no tornado has hit the Centennial State.

But is this record breaking hail uncommon? Actually, it is normal for big hailstorms to come during the Spring and Summer months, a few times during the year. Hail of this size usually can be seen throughout the high plains, West of the Mississippi.