Productivity Apps That Will Turn You Into a Timelord

Productivity Apps

Technology is a big part of our everyday life. At a lot of times throughout the day, we’re too busy to find time for other things. Today, we’re going to be discussing 20+ productivity apps that Will turn you into a time lord.

Productivity Apps

Email and Communication

Productivity Apps


This app puts all of your email clients in one place. It also lets you track whether an email has been read. Therefore, it’s useful for when you are waiting for a response before taking action.


Slack acts as something between email and instant messaging. You can easily send messages or files to a group or individual in a very organized manner.


This app lets you impress your clients and coworkers with your perfect grammar in every email, messages, documents, social media, and pretty much anywhere you write.


Productivity Apps


Organizers can share the meeting agenda with the team. Each member can add their own items to the agenda and move around items on the schedule.

Meeting Ticker

This app helps you figure out whether it is worth it to hold a meeting by calculating the average hourly rate of each participant and the meeting length.

Cisco Spark

The app gives you a message each morning with all of your meeting info for the day. This is must-have for anyone who leads multiple meetings per day.

Apps for Improving Focus

Be Focused

This app is a timer that uses the Pomodoro technique, where you work for a set period of time and then take a short break. The Pro version comes with time tracking and reporting for clients.

Focus List

It makes a list of tasks, the estimated time to complete each task, and allows you to set a time for each task. It uses the Pomodoro technique by giving you 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest.

Rescue Time

The productivity apps tracks how much time is spent on apps and websites and then reports this data so you get a clear view of your day. Armed with this info, you can use RescueTime to stay on task.


This app allows you to save all of the articles you want to read for a later time. It will even read the articles out loud to you, such as while you are driving.


This productivity app allows you to block entire websites, subdomains, paths, or set limits on how much time you can spend at certain sites.

Adblock Plus

Online ads can kill your productivity. Even though Adblock Plus has been around for a long time, surprisingly many people still don’t use it.

Apps for Getting Things Done


Trello is a project management app which lets you create “boards” with “cards.” You can write messages and attach a file within each card. The simplicity of the system makes it easy to organize all type of projects with teams.


Freelancers who work solo can get by with a basic app like MyHours or Hours. For more detailed breakdowns of how you spend your time. Freckle has features like charts, categories, tags, and advanced reporting.

Google Assistant

The app makes things much more conversational as you ask your phone for advice on where to have dinner, to cue up your Netflix shows, to read you the news, or dozens of other tasks that save you time.

Apps for Staying Organized


Not everyone wants a complicated calendar app. journl is elegantly simple and allows you to easily make lists, noted, and calendar entries that sync across devices. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases just simplicity and calm.

Office 365

Do you share a lot of documents or spreadsheets with team members? All that time spent saving, uploading, and opening files can add up to a lot of wasted time. You’ll save time (plus a lot of energy) by switching to cloud-based documents.

Apps for Productivity in Everyday Life

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app is smart about waking you up. It analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up during the lightest phase of sleep. It does this with a built-in microphone which analyzes your sleep movements.

Shipt Grocery Delivery App

The average person spends 41 minutes in a grocery store. Shipt is one of the better grocery store delivery apps. But, if it doesn’t serve your area, find one that does. Other good options are Instacart and Peapod.

Call Blocker for iPhone

Once telemarketers get a hold of your cell number, you feel doomed when the phone rings. Call Blocker saves you the annoyance by blocking telemarketer calls. It claims to block over 2 million spam numbers.

Stylebook Closet App

Stylebook saves time keeping an online catalog of your wardrobe and helping you generate outfits. It also has a slew of other style features like packing lists, inspiration library, and a calendar of what you wore.

In conclusion, these are all the productivity apps you’ll need in life. If you enjoyed this article check out: improve your productivity top 10 tips on how.