How To Easily Remove A Tree Stump

ormond beach tree stump removal


Need help with figuring out how to handle your Ormond beach tree stump removal process? Look no further your prayers have been answered. This is how even you can painlessly remove your tree stumps out of existence.

You can use a drill/driver instead of a corded drill. A 1 in. spade bit is recommended, but you can use a slightly larger or smaller one if that’s all you have

Required Materials for this Project

Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. Here’s a list.

  • Stump Remover
  • 12 in. bit extension
  • Corded drill
  • Extension cord
  • Safety glasses


First things first, you will need to invest in stump remover for your Ormond beach tree stump removal, a product available at most garden or outdoor stores like Walmart for instance in the outdoor section. Onc you have the stump remover you’re going to drill four holes into the stump to resemble the corners of a square. Next, apply the stump remover to the drilled holes. the stump remover contains the chemicals that speed up the rotting process. This will take up to six weeks before the stump itself is reduced to a spongey rotten state.


After the stump is rotten it will take minimal effort to chip it away with an ax, and viola your Ormond beach tree stump removal is fixed. it should be noted however that stump remover is not as effective on the freshly cut tree stumps, working more with an older seasoned one in, however it is still applicable.


Burning Method

for an even easier method for your Ormond beach tree stump removal is to drill the holes within the stump and instead of using the stump removal pour kerosene into the drilled holes. Wait for the kerosene to fully soak into the wood and drop a match down one of the holes to start the burning process.


In this case, the ax will be perfect for finishing the job. Before doing this for your Ormond beach tree stump removal method, however, be sure to wrap the stump in some sort of chicken wire and rid of any leaves nearby the ignition zone, as it is very dangerous to have a smoldering heap of a tree stump in your yard.


Who says removing a tree stump cant be fun, grab a few hotdogs and have yourself an organic grill out even,


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