Ormond Beach New Homes !

ormond beach new homes
ormond beach new homes

Ormond beach new homes for those in search for new house. If you are buying a home first time and looking at new locations. Ormond Beach is the perfect city to start with.

The History

12,000 years ago the first man came to Florida. These descendants of primitive Asians who migrated over the land bridge came to be called Indians. They hunted the animals along the Halifax and Tomoka Rivers, leaving mounds behind. These mounds indicate that their makers ate, among other things, oysters and clams. Broken pottery, arrowheads, spear points, and other artifacts have been found. At the time these people inhabited the area, the Halifax River would have been a shallow, fresh-water stream.

Timucuan Tribe

The Timucuan Indians made this area their home in the early 1500s. The Timucuan Tribe was one of six main tribes occupying Florida when the Spaniards made their first visit. The local tribes lived in fortified villages along the Tomoka and Halifax Rivers. What we know of them comes, in part, from the detailed diaries and drawings of the French explorer Jacques LeMoyne. He wrote of tawny, muscular people who were accomplished craftsmen in many ways.

They were experts in weaponry, clay pottery, jewelry, and clothing, which was made mostly of deerskin and moss. Physical fitness was a prized attribute of the Timucuan people. Training sessions in the form of games were common tribal activities.

Liberia (“LIBERI”) and Sudan

In the period between the 1880’s and 1900’s, the African-American community in Ormond Beach, Florida, located in the vicinity of Tomoka Road and White Street, was called Liberia, after the first independent country established in Africa in 1821 by freed American slaves. After The Civil War, a group from the country of Liberia settled there.

We are honored to add to the rich culture and diversity of our hometown of Ormond. Today and forever. Ormond beach new homes are constructed every other week for new residence.

We invite you to take a look at the following Ormond Beach New Homes:

Ormond Beach new homes For those who are looking for relaxing location, not only to visit but to stay and become part of the historic city.




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