Mobile Site – Google Friendly Checklist

mobile site

Back in April 21, Google Search algorithms started paying even more attention to mobile site friendliness of websites. It will be easier for mobile users to get relevant results that are optimized for their devices. Be prepared!

There are a few steps you should take to see what you need to fix on your page. If you need to fix anything at all.

Use Google Friendly Test Tool

The tool will give you a short report with advice what you can do to improve your site.

If you are using WordPress, change your theme into a mobile – friendly or responsive one. It’s very easy to have a mobile friendly site on Word press. You can find thousands of responsive and mobile – ready themes and just install them and customize according to your needs.


When creatinga mobile version of your site, you have to do a lot of testing. Your mobile site has to be easy for mobile customers, with big elements and only most important information. Test on as many different devices as you can.

Start Tracking Your Ranking Today

Tracking is very important and will show you how your site is doing. Start tracking mobile ranking ASAP, even before Google’s new algorithm. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors, too.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!

Unplayable Content

Most of the smartphones can’t play flash. If you have it on your website, replace it!

Wrong Links

If you have a separate site for mobile users, make sure all links on the site lead to mobile sites too.

Slow Mobile Pages

Don’t you just hate it when a page won’t load? Loading speed is one of the crucial user experience factors.

Ads Over Content

Mobile screens are much smaller than desktop, so even a smaller ad can cover much content and annoy users!

No Mobile Site At All

This is the biggest mistake you can make on the web in 2018! Don’t event think about it