Men’s Watch Guide

mens watchs

Every man has a time in their life when the absence on the wrist starts to become noticeable. Generally, Men have watched their fathers wear watches since they were really young and begin to crave the wrist accessory themselves. Whether it is a timepiece from generations before or a stylish piece from the mall. Here are the three top things you must know before looking to get your very own collection of mens watchs.


Type of Band

You’re going to want a band that is resilient in your day-to-day activities. You have a few selections to choose from when picking a band type to go along with your mens watchs. First, you have leather bands, metal bands, mesh bands, rubber bands. Leather bands are timeless and classic and with the right watch, the face looks stunning. What’s most appealing to the leather watch is that everytime you wear it the oils from your skin wear down the band giving it a unique character.


Color of Band

When picking a band color your usually going to want to go after these two options if you’re going with leather and those are, brown and black. Brown bands go with almost any outfit color combination and are perfect for being an addition to brown belts and shoes. For metal watches, gold, silver, black, and rose gold are the most common options. Metal watches are designed to be flashier and less conservative than the leather bands.



If you have 10 g’s to blow on a watch, go for it, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Truthfully, you can probably find a watch to meet your needs for as low as $40-50 if that’s your budget. I would stick within the range of $40-400. Anything higher and you’re probably buying more watch than you need. Don’t hesitate about spending $200-300 on a watch you wear day in and day out. If you treat it right, it will last for years. When you think about it that way, $20-30 a year for a watch that easily lasts 10+ years doesn’t sound so bad.

This has been three of the most important tips when looking for men watchs to buy and put on your wrist.