Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Amazing Journey Continues

Marvel's Spider- Man
Marvel's Spider-Man is great!

The Journey continues in Marvel’s Spider-Man  with action packed fun! What is it like to be an experienced Spider-Man?

After taking down Fisk and being introduced to the new gang: the Inner Demons, secretly lead by Martin Li, I have gone through enough of the game to really feel a great sense of confidence in the way I control Spider-Man. The Slogan, “Be Greater” can not more be expressed than in this game where every time i pick up the controller, either to play through the story or to just swing around and save people from getting robbed, I feel myself getting better each time.


The challenge is always there though and it most notably takes its form in its fast paced action sequences, from boss battles to your every day thugs. Random events in the world keep you occupied while waiting for story missions. And its in this time where you really have to practice your skills.

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What Makes this Game Great

different enemy archetypes keep the combat energetic while gadgets keep the combat interactive and diverse. the choice to use gadgets or not is up to you.

the amount of fun the game is and the wealth of significant plot points really forms a great game with one of the most famous characters in comic book history.


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