Marvel’s Spider-Man Ps4: What it’s like to be Spider-Man!

Marvel's Spider Man
Marvel's Spider-Man is Spectacular!

Following the midnight release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Ps4 only hours ago, players have flocked in excitement  about their chance to BE Spider-Man.

Whats it like do you ask?

Completely and utterly  AMAZING!

In the first half hour of game-play you are thrust into an all out battle zone as an attempt by the police to calmly arrest Wilson Fisk -The Kingpin- goes haywire. The urgency of the situation increases as challenge upon challenge pile on you.

There is a learning curve however, but the controls immediately feel familiar, like a trip back in time to Spider-Man 2. As the quest progresses, you feel more and more like Spider-Man, kicking and webbing enemies into defeat with style only Spidey himself could match.

Once the mission is complete, you are free to swing around the city as if it were yours. the world is bright, dense, an urban jungle just for you, that you may make your mark upon the world. And even though you feel like Spider-Man, always remember that “with great power comes great responsibility!”

Be Greater My friends, and enjoy Marvel’s Spider-Man!

Check out this awesome Game-play from Marvel’s Spider-Man Ps4 Here: