D.C. Judge Shut Down Trump Impeachment Gambit

Judge Shut down

A D.C. Judge shut down an attempt by House Judiciary Committee Dems to link a subpoena for counsel Don Mcgahn to a request for grand jury information from the Russia investigation after the Justice Department’s accusation of them trying to “game the system.”

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Now, Judges are given cases randomly to the principle by that a judge’s impartial nature towards his or her colleagues she be just that. It prevents anyone from “shopping” for a judge they like to get a ruling they want. The Department of Justice claimed that the Democrats were doing just that by using a loophole which allows them to call for the same judge that would hear the same case. However, the Department of Justice determined that it was an improper use of the exception to connect McGahn to the grand jury case simply because of their affiliation with the Trump investigation.

“At first blush, the House Judiciary Committee’s view that the related case rule applies is understandable, nonetheless, closer examination demonstrates that these connections between the two case are too superficial and attenuated for the instant McGahn Subpoena Case to qualify,” said D.C. District Court Chief judge Beryl Howell in her order rejecting the bid.

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Assigned to the grand jury case, Howell agreed with the Department of Justice’s argument that the committees request to unravel secret grand jury information from the Mueller Report which has to do with the laws affiliated with Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. The McGahn case is a civil matter which deals with the enforcement of subpoena with immunity.

However, the Committee is extremely upset about this, claiming that the cases are related closely enough in what they call an “Impeachment Investigation.” Apparently the dems will not give up on their heinous claims that the 2016 election was rigged by Russian interference.