Jersey Finger | What is it and How Do You Treat It?

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How do you treat Jersey Finger?

Jersey Finger is a common reference regarding an injury to the flexor tendon in the fingers. Athletes usually find themselves with Jersey Finger, hence the name. Though it does not always have to be related to athletics, most cases of Jersey Finger deal with full contact sports like football and rugby.

Jersey Finger Symptoms

A Pulled flexor tendon can vary in severity. when pulled it can act like a rubber-band, causing the main tendon to be displaced either somewhere in the forearm or the lower part of the hand. The symptoms can range from pain to the inability to move thing affected finger.

The affect finger will appear straighter than usual. Normally a relaxed finger will show a slight bend. with a slight pull the finger may still be bent. however the range of motion will suffer greatly.

Surgery and Treatment Methods

Surgery among the most severe cases is necessary in treating Jersey Finger. this is because a re-connection between the snapped tendon must be made in order to heal the finger at all. Depending on where the tendon is will determine the incision need to be made.

WAHS methods are often used to treat Jersey Fingers. This means that the patient is awake during the procedure. Patient cooperation is necessary in the WAHS as the patient is tasked with moving the affected finger upon successful connection. If a full connection has been made, the result will be a full range of mobility in the affected finger.

the patient will then be stitched  and given a splint in order to limit the movement of the affect finger.

The recovery takes about ten days, though rehab is required. Flexor tendons become especially stiff after being puller or torn. This means that Physical therapy is required to gain the fullest range of motion possible.

Physical rehab will take two months approximately, with an additional month of examination before returning to any zealous activities.

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