How To Use Instagram For Business

instagram for business

the power of Instagram for business/marketing is obvious: even the most carefully drafted blog post can’t hope o have the same impact as an eye-catching photo. Now that Facebook has purchased Instagram, photo-sharing is becoming an incredibly powerful way for companies to engage clients and potential customers visually.


 1. Promote New Products

Starbucks uses Instagram for business when they tell their following audience about new coffees as they’re launched using a mouth watering fashion. Notice how the company’s pics make great use of Instagram’s artistic filters and hence cleverly play into the emotional connections it has built with customers through their customized cups of coffee.


Starbucks fans can engage with the brand without even being in a location by responding to regular calls to action using their hashtag.


2. Run Competitions

NH hotels slogan “Wake up to a better world” and they’ve been able to drive social buzz about just that by inviting their Instagram followers to enter their #wakeUpPics contest.

As its name implies, this photography contest involved users answering the call to “capture a moment” when something is beginning a zero instant on instagram and sharing the image on Twitter labaled with the hashtag #WakeUpPics. The winners received luxurious vacation packages.


3. Look Behind The Scenes

Instagram is not just for the huge brands. Shopatrend is an online site that sells womens clothing and accessories despite having just 120 followers on Facebook. They have more than 22,000 followers on instagram!

They share the latest fashion trends through their pics that generate an average of 150 likes per photo. More importantly they also show off some behind the scenes shots for their audience.


4. Show Off Your Fans

Smart businesses know that satisfied, loyal customers are the number one driver of repeat business. One way to increase loyalty and retention is to focus attention on your customers and how they are using your products. Sharpie does this through sharing samples of their customers artwork. At the same time the company is learning how their customers use heir products providing invaluable market research for sharpie.


Now you’ve just learned 4 ways to use Instagram for business. While your here chekout these other tips on social media. Learn about Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019