Insomnia Cure For Those Who Cant Fall Asleep


We’ve all been there, struggling to find an ounce of sleep, tossing and turning from one side of the bed to the other to find that perfect cold spot that’ll hopefully cast you off into your dreams…. or nightmares, sleep is sleep right. But, that cold spot unfortunately only lasts only a minute because of the radiating heat from your body that turns your bed into a zesty lava pit of awakeness. Fortunately for you, though we have a simple method, military approved, to get you catching those z’s.

First things first, what your going to need is:

-Bed or place of rest.

That’s about it, now let’s get started with the details. Initially, you want to be laying down on your back nice and flat, however, if you’re a human whale, you can lay on your front side and periodically gasp for air when necessary. Though, results may vary if you follow that route. When your nice and tucked in and ready to staple your eyelids shut to force some sleep, follow these very simple steps.

You’re going to want to focus on relaxing your face as it may have a joker smile plastered on it from the mania kicking in because you haven’t seen the inside of your eyelids for more than a couple minutes. Once your face is completely relaxed you want to move onto dropping your shoulders as low as they can go.

Following this step,

You’re going to want to relax those thunder thighs or bird legs. Imagine the upper thighs completely letting go of the stress and then move that sensation down to your calves.

Once the body is lying there you then need to correct your mind.

Imagine lying in a canoe in the middle of a lake staring up to nothing but blue skies. This will take the edge off enough to where you will begin to feel not trapped, but calmly stationary. the blue skies serve to essentially force you to think of one thing, and then nothing as a result. If the blue skies don work, congratulations, you’re for sure not Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Instead try repeating:  “Don’t Think”, “Don’t Think”, “Don’t Think” to yourself. Thinking about a single thing will prevent your mind from hopping around from subject-to-subject like a wired bugs bunny rabbit.

Keep repeating this method, night by night to fall asleep within mere seconds of doing so. See you in your dreams folks! Because you won’t be seeing me anywhere else!