Improve Your Productivity Top 10 Tips on How

improve your productivity

When it comes to success, you want to be much as productive as you can be to get work done. There are many habits a lot of successful people have, and productivity is one of them. Today, we’re going over 10 tips on how you can improve your productivity. One day this might help you develop millionaire habits. Without further ado lets dive into these tips.

Improve Your Productivity

1. Divide up your to-do list

In order to achieve maximum productivity in all aspects of your life, it’s important to first divide before you start to conquer. Create separate lists for tasks related to your work responsibilities, social life, and other commitments or involvements that require your time.

2. Prioritize your to-do list

After dividing up all the tasks you need to go into categories. It’s time to examine and figure out which are the most important and urgent. This helps to stay on task and avoid getting overwhelmed by having to stare at a long list.

3. Set allocated social media time

Get rid of the Facebook app. Sign out of your twitter on your computer. Log out of Instagram and stay off of LinkedIn while you’re working. Having a set time each day to check out social media is a great way to eliminate distractions and can be productive while working.

4. Set timers to complete specific tasks

Have an overflowing email inbox that you could spend the entire workday reading through and responding to messages? Give yourself a time limit with a timer you can see visually and respond to as many as you can in the allotted time frame.

5. Use organization apps

Nowadays there is an app for literally everything. In our technology-based society. It’s to your advantage to use ones that can help you accomplish all the things you need to do. Evernote, Asana,, and Slack are just a few to get you started.

6. Wake up earlier

One of the most common across the board for highly successful people and habits of highly successful employee. Setting an early wake-up alarm. The more things you can set yourself to accomplish before lunchtime, the better.

7. Structure your day

Having an agenda is an important start to getting your days organized, but breaking it down farther can help to increase productivity dramatically. Instead of using a planner just write down important dates, deadlines, and appointments go a step farther and break down each day into chunks of time.

8. Create a productivity playlist

For a lot of people, having soothing or slightly upbeat background music can be very helpful to motivate them to get things done. There are lots of playlists and song compilations on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify and Pandora that you can choose from.

9. Silence your phone or leave it out of sight during peak work time

Out of sight, out of mind. When you’re at work or sitting at home focused on something, stay focused. Leave your phone on silent and where you cannot see it avoid to being distracted. It can be difficult at first but after a while, it becomes a normal aspect of your workday.

10. Eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water in the morning

Having energy and proper hydration in the morning is vital to jumpstart your day and dig right into your to-do list. Feeling sluggish and sleepy will lead to an unproductive and slow starting morning. Pack high-protein snacks or foods that you can eat later in the day, and drink plenty of water.

Improve Your Productivity

This was the guide to 10 ways to improve your productivity. Good luck to your path to greatness. If you enjoyed this guide be sure to check out Starkfeed’s other guides.