Husbands: The Real Stress In Women’s Lives, Not Children

Stress in women is not caused by their children but their husbands.

It’s no great mystery, husbands and wives stress each other out. Even in a healthy marriage, anything from your partner’s spending habits to the way they drive their car can be a cause of stress. And, don’t get mad, but evidence shows most of this stress comes from the man in the relationship.

But how bad could it really be? Studies have actually shown husbands are nearly twice as stressful to women as their children are. In surveys of several thousand moms across the United States, interviewees shed light on two important facts:

  • Most mothers report an 8.5 out of 10 stress level
  • Nearly half of all moms report their husbands are more stressful than their children

But what does a statistic like this mean? Are husbands really all that stressful? And what’s the best way to recover from this kind of stress? Join us today, for a closer look.

Stress In A Women

Women, and the Men Who Stress Them Out

A study of more than 7,000 American mothers has found that most mothers have become stressed out or irritated as a result of not getting enough time in their day. This is time they would prefer to use performing day-to-day tasks. These tasks, more of a responsibility than anything else, are given less and less time and moms feel increasingly stressed out.

The issue has deeper roots than just being annoying. 75% of participants in the study reported doing most of the parenting in the household, as well as the lion’s share of household duties. These are mothers who are not only being pulled away from what they want to do but from things they need to do because nobody else is doing them.

One-in-five of these surveyed mothers claimed that a lack of help from their significant other was a significant source of stress in their daily lives. These stress levels, as you might expect, can play a role later in a marriage. What you might not expect, however, is that it can have an impact on the health and longevity of the wife.

Researchers have found that, in marriages where the wife passes away, husbands tend to experience deteriorating health. Wives in relationships where the husbands pass away, however, become statistically healthier. Not only that, but they actually show improvement in essential dealing with conditions like stress and depression. Researchers observing this have speculated these husbands while causing more stress to their wives, actually rely quite heavily on their partners, with the wives being dragged down.

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Dealing With These Stresses

Of course, every relationship is different, and no two people handle stress in the same way. Wives experiencing this level of frustration with their husbands are encouraged to work on a list of responsibilities to help keep both partners in line. Where spouses both work full-time jobs, it’s important to split up tasks according to each person’s schedule and to be honest about what would help or worsen stress.

Of course, when it comes to managing stress, a more direct approach is also extremely valuable. Using dietary supplements to help manage nutrition, even out emotions, and mitigate negative health issues, people around the world are better able to manage their stresses every day. And, it goes without saying, when you manage your health more effectively, your stress and anxiety tend to fall in line.

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