Humeral Shaft Fractures | Which Treatment is Best for You?


The Humeral Shaft is the upper arm above the elbow. it holds the bicep and tricep muscles, and includes the labrum which connects to the shoulder. Take a look here on how to find out which Humeral shaft fracture treatment is best for you.

Types of Humeral Shaft  Fractures and Treatments

Different types of Fractures of the humerus affect the type of treatment required.

Proximal Humerus Fractures

This is most common in elderly people above the age of 65 where Proximal Humerus Fractures are the third most common injuries. Osteoporosis is usually he causality among older individuals and occurs when the Femoral head breaks from the humerus.


Treatment of the fracture depends on its severity. The most common types of proximal fractures are non-displaced, which require a sling for  about 3 weeks, with light range of motion exercises and full strength rehabilitation. the full treatment lasts about 3 months.

Mid-Shaft Humeral Fractures

Since the Humerus is a a very strong bone, it counts for less than 10% of all broken bones. however it is still a problem in the most extreme scenarios. sports and other  very fast scenarios like car accidents create a much greater risk of  mid-shaft fractures


Believe it or not, the most common treatments for these injuries are non surgical. On an X- Ray, it may seem as though nothing is holding the arm together, but tendons and muscles are still present. Gravity also helps in correcting the displacement of the humerus fracture.

Fracture braces hold the humerus more tightly after a splint has been used to clear away any swelling for about a week. As healing progresses, patients will be able to  start using their arms again while the brace is still on

Metal Plates are the most common surgical treatment of Humeral shaft fractures. A metal plate is screwed in connection with the broken Humerus, which provides  instant connection. This is not the preferred method though, as nerve damage and non-union are too often a result of this procedure.

Distal Humerus Fracture

Distal Humerus Fractures refer to a break in the elbow. this is usually caused by falling on the elbow. Just like in proximal fractures, Distal fractures occur because of traumatic events like car accidents.


Treatment of this fracture is not usually surgical, but if the bone is displaced or protruding out of the skin, surgery may be required.


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