How To Properly Recover From Your Workout

proper workout recovery

Exercise or any form of physical activity is crucial for a healthy and functional lifestyle. Allowing the human body to increase stamina, strength, and overall durability. Staying physically active carries monumental benefits that lead to a better quality of life hands down, however, your blood sweat and tears will be all for nothing or even leading to serious injury, if you do not let your body take proper workout recovery from these activities.

Here are 5 Ways to practice Proper Workout Recovery:

1. You Need to Stretch 


proper workout recovery


After your workout, you should be stretching. Even though it doesn’t sound necessary especially for those who are looking to solely put on some mass, lacking stretching will actually stunt your muscle growth in the long run. When you don’t keep the lactic acid levels low, your movements become more constricted preventing you from utilizing your full range of motion. You won’t be able to squat as low or curl as hard in that regards. This also means your next workout will not be as effective as you think leading to a stunt in progress.

2. Re-up Your Protein


proper workout recovery


A vital proper recovery practice of any workout is to re-up on your protein. protein essentially refeeds the muscles the needed nutrients to be able to heal and regrow even stronger. It is recommended that one ingests 20-50 grams of protein after each workout. while women will be fine with 20 grams, men should aim for the upper range.


3. Potassium 


proper workout recovery


After an intense workout, your potassium levels will be shot. Potassium is a key ingredient in muscular energy, perfect for when you have something to do after the gym and need to be awake.

4. Sleep


proper workout recovery


If you were to pick only one of these proper recovery tips to implement into your fitness routine, it would be this one. Sleep takes the gold medal when it comes to what is needed most when on the topic of physical recovery. Sleep is the natural time for your body to 100% focus on healing itself. Seven hours is the minimum you should be giving yourself to catch a few z’s, however, with a consistent taxing workout routine you should be aiming for even more with nine hours of sleep instead.

5. Pre-Workout Nutrition

proper workout recovery

Now, why is this proper workout recovery method on the list if this is something you do before a workout? Well, having the proper nutrition already in your system as you engage in physical activity will not only let you have a more reliable energy source within the body, it will give you the boost of energy after the fact as well. When you put down those weights and hang those cables you will be ready for the day, that is if your gym sessions are in the morning.