How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram

how to promote your blog on instagram

How to use Instagram to promote your blog? Instagram is a great platform to promote your content. If you know how to use Instagram the right way you can get thousands of visitors to your website. This article will explain tips on how to promote your blog on Instagram.


Bio Description

The first way of promoting your content is in your bio description. I start by stating what my Instagram and blog is all about. Then I follow that with a hashtag. Il finish with a question and a call to action to make people click the link that will take them to my blog post.


Instagram Post

Make sure you write a compelling description. Start with a question or a problem that your ideal reader/ audience can identify with. Then you give them a solution and invite them through a call to action to click the link in your bio to read the full post.


“Lifestyle” Instagram Story

Go on Instagram and record an Instagram story letting your followers know that you have a new blog post. So use the same format I talked about in #2. Tell them a short story related to your blog post, share a problem, give a sneak peak of the solution and give a call to action so they visit your blog for the full solution.


“Promo” Instagram Story

Create an Instagram story promoting your content. I tend to do this if I have a new freebie on my website. Usually, these videos take longer to make because I make graphics and use iMovie to edit the video.


Use the Highlights

When creating an Instagram story promoting your content, make sure you add them to your highlights. This way when you get new followers they can see all the blog posts you have available.


Use The Right Hashtags

When making a post on Instagram promoting your content make sure you use the right hashtags. You want to use hashtags that related to your niche.


Instagram Lives

During the live, you can follow the same structure of the Instagram post. Tell them a story, make them relate to the problem, give a solution and add a call to action to take them to your blog for the full solution.


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