How To Preview Facebook Ad While Creating (Step By Step)

how to preview facebook ad

Preview an ad in Ads Manager

How to preview facebook ad. When you create an ad, you can see a preview of what your ad will look like across different placements (for example, Desktop News Feed or Instagram Feed). Note that these ad previews are not device-specific, so you won’t see an Android preview, an iPad preview, an Android tablet preview, etc.

You can also see comments and likes on Facebook and Instagram posts, share previews with other people and send previews to your mobile phone to view them through the Facebook app. When previewing your ad, it may appear pixelated, but the ad preview may not reflect actual ad quality when it is live.

Tip: If you’re not ready to create or publish an ad, you can use Creative Hub. Creative Hub allows you to create mockups of an ad, and then share your Facebook mockups with colleagues, clients, and partners on their mobile and desktop devices.

Preview an ad during ad creation

These preview options are available at any point during the creation process. Your ad doesn’t have to be published or live yet to use these preview features.

  1. Follow the steps to create an ad in the updated Ads Manager.
  2. At the Ad step, you will see an Ad Preview section. Use the drop-down menu or arrows to see how the ad will look across different placements.

    Keep in mind that certain placements (and previews) will not be available, depending on which objectives you use. Learn more about placements and objectives.

Other preview options at any point during the creation process:

  • To preview your ad in the Facebook app, click and
    then choose to Send Notification to Facebook. A notification is sent to the Facebook app, which you can access on your mobile phone. You can do this at any point, during the creation process or once your ad is live.
  • Ad previews are gradually rolling out for Instagram Stories and may not be available to everyone yet.

    To preview your Instagram Stories ad in the Instagram app, click
    and select Story Ad: Send Notification to Instagram in the Ads Preview section within the Ads Manager. You’ll get a push notification on Instagram that says “Your ad is ready to preview.” Tap the notification to preview your Stories ad directly on Instagram. You have to have an Instagram account linked to the ad to see the preview.

    Note that you can’t view a preview for your Instagram Stories ad if you’re using lead generation, placement asset customization, or ads with political content.

Preview an ad that is already published

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click the Ads tab manager.
  3. Check the box next to the ad you want to preview.
  4. Click “preview” along the top of your ad data.
  5. Use the drop-down menu or arrows to see how the ad looks across different placements.

Other preview options if your ad is published:

  • Once you have published your ad, you can see comments and likes on that ad. To do this, click and
    then choose Facebook Post with Comments. If your ad is also on Instagram, click Instagram Post with Comments. This won’t work if your ad is not live.
  • Once you have published your ad, you can share a preview with colleagues or friends. To do this, click and
    then choose to Share a Link. This won’t work if your ad hasn’t been published yet. When people visit the link you share, they’ll see a request to let Facebook show the ad in their News Feed for 24 hours. You can share the link with up to 50 people. People who see this ad with your URL will not be included as an ad view, so you will not be charged for their impressions.


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