difference and change in relation to questions and answers
why is the relationship with thoughts questions and answers and their role in difference and change

Have you ever asked yourself, “how can I make a difference in this world?” You want to change but it doesn’t seem as if you are able to control that change? Have you ever wondered if life itself is truly chaotic, or do we actually have any control over this shit?

Through intensive research—and when I say intensive I mean I spent 1488 hours researching what I’m about to tell you. I was trying to understand what exactly were the causes of change. My goal was to find the source! Everyone says, “you can make change happen, you just have to start somewhere”. Well fuck you, tell me how or where!

questions about difference and change

What Are The Things Social Media Entrepreneurs Can’t Explain To You?

No one seems to be capable of explaining the steps that I need to take; somewhere control the fucking change in my life. I am sick and tired of these social media entrepreneurs acting as if they know it all; all they do is repeat the same shit you hear online everywhere like Parrots. You lack originality bro, be fucking specific, don’t just say “go do it.”

In fact, they don’t even understand what they are doing differently that leads to their success; because if they did they would’ve been able to explain it with ease. What works for them will not work for you. They got lucky and they think it was a result of hard work; well hard work is the final step and there are many before that that they weren’t aware of.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” —Albert Einstien. And they cant!

Why Is Change A Misunderstood Concept?

Change is not a process, change is an outcome. “Difference” is the process that leads to change. There is a correlation between change and the resistance to change. The bigger the change you want to make, the more resistance you are going to face. Although change may seem like it happens in an instant, it actually takes longer than what people think.

difference and change
Time For Change!

How Do I Make Change? What Does Difference Has To Do With Change?

Change is an accumulation of small “differences” that are stacked on top of each other. Once a person stacks the “differences” necessary, it results in a change. But when you’re looking at it from an external point of view; what you and others see is only the change; because the differences are too small to notice at the time of occurrence. So to make a change you need to focus on the differences you make within your self.

But What Creates The Difference?

I mean, you need to understand the source of “difference” in order to control it; and make the proper “difference” that results in the desired change; and that all has to do with questions and answers.

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Questions create the difference because they lead to answers which are the difference!

The answer is questions—its a paradox I know, that’s how you know I’m right. Let me elaborate more. See when you think; subconsciously you are asking yourself questions and answering them at the same time without ever realizing it. You are always making differences within your self! since the process is very familiar it is overlooked. The question is, are these the right differences you need in order to make the change you want?

What Happens When You Have A Question That You Can’t Find An Answer For?

You overthink! In other words, you ask yourself a series of other questions! You answer a question with a question since you couldn’t satisfy the first question with an answer. Every question requires thinking, which results in further questioning when you are unsatisfied with the original answer. It moves you further from the truth or from a satisfactory answer that results in an actual “difference”.

You are only answering a subquestion that is irrelevant to the original question, but you still relate the subquestion’s answer to the original question you asked! Now, that same answer has made an irrelevant “difference” in you; because it is an answer for a different question—especially if the question is an important one.

How Can I Make A Positive Differences?

See, you can make a positive “difference” in yourself. But in order to do so; you need to pay closer attention to the kind of answers you are giving to the questions you ask yourself. Are they positive or negative? There are no right answers, in the same way, there are no wrong answers. We create our own reality.

Since questions are involved in the difference-creation process, the result of questioning gives you answers, answers are the “difference“. Think about it! Answers are information that you didn’t know before. Many times we make up our own answers that are far from truth.


Let’s use you as an example! What is the “difference” between you the moment you asked a question and the moment right after answering the question? You are exactly identical with yourself; with the “difference” lying in your knowledge regarding the answer; which made a small “difference” to what you know and who you were seconds ago.

Let’s say you lived your life thinking your father was James, but then you asked, “is my father really James?” To get your answer, you did a DNA test. Now the result is the answer or the information that will make a “difference” in you. The answer Is the “difference”; where before knowing and after knowing, you are two different people with only the difference being the answer!

Since answers never satisfy the question completely, all questions remain open for further exploration and possibly better answers. You can never completely satisfy a question.

Together answers and questions participate in the phenomena of the difference-creation process; where answers are the “difference” that makes a difference. You can never completely satisfy a question due to uncertainty. Multiple answers can exist because an answer never fully satisfies a question. Questions are to be used over and over again in order to take up their difference-creating role. Leading to the constant creation of differences.

Since each answer creates a difference, and each question can have multiple different answers; this means that one question can create different differences; and based on the answer you chose to believe, it becomes the difference in you that you want to make. Since multiple answers can exist, there are multiple differences for you to make. Each new difference disrupts the old difference and creates a new one simultaneously.

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What About Information?

We base our current knowledge and who we are on what we already know; from the questions we already answered because our answers define us and make us who we are. But once there’s a better answer that satisfies the question, it destroys our current knowledge; along with it all the other questions we already answered and satisfied before! As a matter of fact, new information destroys more knowledge than it creates. That is why it seems like the more you know, the less you know.

The process goes as follows (question1 —> answer 1—>difference —> new you) —>(question2—> answer2—>difference—>newer you)—>(question3 —>answer3—>difference…. ) (difference +difference+difference+….= change)

Lets’ say new information presents itself, and you can have better answer for (question 1 —>(which is) answer*—>diffrence—> newest you,) but you based question 2’s answer on the information you knew from answer1. This means that the new difference (answer*) created a new difference at the same time which destroys question 2 along with the difference it makes in (answer2) and everything that followed it. This is how one difference can change everything.

Why Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

This also explains how the law of attraction works. Simply it is because you are aware and in control of choosing the answers you want; for all the question you ask yourself—hence choosing the differences you want to make within yourself. You start to build a habit of answering all your question; with positive answers that are leading to a positive change in yourself. Which lead you to only see the positive and attract it, and even find positive in the most negative situation.

questions and answers and Relation to thoughts
Your thoughts are the most powerful entity on this planet once you learn how to control those energy waves.

Your thoughts are the most powerful entity on this planet once you learn how to control those energy waves.

Life is how you perceive it, not how it actually is. Our spirit or our consciousness cannot interact with the exterior world directly; therefore it must use our body through our sensory organs; as a tool to give it the most accurate description of what is going on! But not necessarily the most truthful description. But see life is just an illusion, and no one sees life the same. It is different for everyone; but relying on your senses can be deceiving and misleading. Hence that all the truth lies within; and same way all the change starts with the differences you make with your inner self.

Special thanks to Dr: Mark E. Hill