Home Safety Checklist For Seniors

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Everybody’s different. Depending on the unique needs of the seniors in your life, they may live entirely at home, mostly independently, or with the help of an in home caregiver. With improvements in medications, client-facing services and a huge amount of resources available to you, there’s more opportunity than ever for a senior citizen to live in the comfort of their own home.

But even your home can be an unsecured place from time to time. And as our relatives and loved ones grow older, small accidents in the home can become increasingly serious. There are steps, however, to safeguard any living space to set everyone’s mind at ease.

Today, in home caregiver Port Orange provider, Granny Nannies, brings you a comprehensive home safety checklist for taking care of the seniors in your life.

in home caregiver Port Orange
Learn how to safeguard a senior’s living environment, with in home caregiver Port Orange provider, Granny Nannies

Floor Safety

  • Move cords from appliances and home equipment to run along the walls.
  • Clear objects away from walking areas to avoid tripping.
  • Secure or remove rugs with loose edges.
  • Opt out of slippery cleaners and waxes.


  • Install grab bars in areas with high fall risks, like showers or the toilet.
  • Put non-slip mats in wet-floored areas.
  • Check for unstable railings.
  • When stair climbing becomes too difficult, install a chair lift.
  • Add lighting to dim areas.
  • Use motion sensor night to stop fumbling for light switches.


  • Throw out expired food.
  • Put pots and pans into cupboards at waist level.
  • Arrange for pre-made meals, to avoid having to risk cooking.
  • Keep a functional fire extinguisher on hand somewhere in the kitchen.


  • Replace expired light bulbs.
  • Fix and clearly label leaky pipes.
  • Make sure any potentially harmful appliances feature an automatic shut off.
  • Check to make sure your smoke alarms are functioning, with working batteries.
  • Check for overloaded outlets, which can cause electrical fires.

Are you looking for in home caregiver Port Orange services to help set your mind at ease while your elderly loved ones are at home? Granny Nannies specializes in professional CNA services that help you and your family live safely. Get in touch with us, today, to find out how we can help!



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