Ghost of Tsushima is the most anticipated PS4 Exclusive game for the year of 2019. Although it is suspected to release on August 30th 2019, that is simply speculation that we will get into in this article. What I am wondering is if that release date really is at all true, then where is the pre-order?

What is the Release Date?

The release date for the game has not been announced by Sucker Punch. Because of this, many have taken to speculating when it will actually be. The idea of the August 30th release date was leaked by a Swedish retailer announcing their place holder release date. This lead to those online to suggest that if that would be so, then the release date of Ghost of Tsushima must be August 30th.

Further reasons to believe it might be an actual release date are the fact that the date lands on a Friday, which is usually when Triple A titles release to the public aside from their pre-orders.

I don’t think this date is substantial enough evidence to suggest that the release date will be on August 30th. This is mainly because there has been no pre-order released. There have been no collectors edition released. And really, Top gaming news outlets like Gamespot have tried to clickbait their readers into think there was a release date as well as multiple editions for pre-order.

This is, in fact, untrue. There is nothing regarding Ghost of Tsushima’s release except that it will. And who knows: the pre-order release date might very well be August 30th, 2019. There is a chance we will not be able to play until next year.

All of that is speculation though. All I know is, I would at least like to have a pre-order out. Maybe an outline on the editions available for the game. Or hell more content to dissect that isn’t from E3’s 2018 Debut. But I don’t want to sound too whiny. The game does not have a release date set yet, but it has been marked by the developers that we can expect the game in late 2019 or very early 2020.

Next Generation

With the PS5 so close, maybe Sucker Punch is working on porting the game to both generations. 2020 is sure to be a revolutionary year in console gaming and it would make sense for Ghost of Tsushima, such an anticipated title, to be riding that trail until the very end. We are in a cloud of possibilities when it comes to this game.

Luckily, you’ve got your boys at Starkfeed to keep you in the know. Let us know what you think about the allegations regarding the release date of Ghost of Tsushima.