Delicious Finger Foods You Won’t Be Able to Resist

finger food

Everyone loves finger foods. Being able to walk by a tray, pop a small delicious bite of food into your mouth and carry on is such a tasty luxury. In fact, finger foods are definitely something that everyone should have at their event. Easy to eat, readily available and so versatile, finger foods are a necessity. While it may seem daunting to make a bunch of small foods for your party, you can easily find someone who does finger food catering. Hiring a caterer to provide your bite-sized treats is a fantastic idea. Be sure to ask for a few of these finger foods that you won’t be able to resist (you may want to order extra…)

1 Cranberry Meatballs

Meatballs are not only filling but easy to stack on a plate with a convenient toothpick, perfect for grabbing and eating, no plate needed. Cranberry meatballs are a nice sweet and sour surprise that will excite your guests and leave them wondering about that amazing meatball sauce. While meatballs can be straightforward and mundane, cranberry meatballs are anything but that.

2 Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza is always guaranteed to be a hit. However, a whole piece of pizza can be too big to walk around eating at a party without a plate. Roll out some pizza dough, spread the sauce and cheese across the top and then roll it up. Slice the roll into small circles and bake. Pizza pinwheel spirals are born and aren’t they perfect to pop into your mouth!

3 Mac and Cheese Balls

A comfort food classic, “mac and cheese” gives everyone fond memories of being a kid. Serving mac and cheese at a party can be tough, but serving a friend mac and cheese balls is easy; it’s perfect finger food. Form premade mac and cheese into balls and roll in breading. Deep fry and serve them hot.

4 Ceviche Cones

If you are a fan of fish, then you have most likely tried and loved ceviche. While you can make all different types of ceviche (tuna, shrimp, etc.), it is a tricky dish to serve. Small ice cream cones are the answer! Scoop ceviche into small ice cream cones and place on a tray or an ice cream cone holder. Your guests can simply grab a cone and easily eat the lavish dish.

5 Feta Watermelon Towers

This light and refreshing treat is also beautiful. Cubes of watermelon and cubes of feta are stacked on top of each other with a single mint leaf in between. Choose to skewer them together or balance the tower on a tray to create this perfect summer finger food.

6 Hot Cocoa Shooters

While this is technically a drink, serving hot cocoa shooters is going to be a hit at your next cold weather party. Pour rich hot cocoa into small shot glasses or espresso cups and serve immediately. Opt for a little Gran Marnier or peppermint marshmallows to top off this dish.

7 Soft Pretzels

Small soft pretzels are a great finger food as they give you the option of providing lots of dips. Since the pretzels are a simple flavor (yet delicious!), you can pair them with mustard dip, marinara, a cheese dip or even chocolate sauce! Versatile and simple- they key to any finger food!

8 Salsa Scoops

Buy scoop-shaped tortilla chips and pre-scoop salsa into each bowl. Place on a tray and your guests can grab a scoop and pop it in their mouth- no mess, just taste!

9 Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Barbecue chicken is a fantastic finger food as it is filling and easy to make. Slow cook chicken breast with barbecue sauce and then shred the chicken with two forks. Place the shredded chicken on mini burger buns and serve. These can be considered part of the main course if you make enough of them!

10 Cheese Bites

Similar to a popover but full of cheese and small enough to be eaten by hand, cheesy bites are addictive, and you should definitely make extra if you plan on serving these at your next party. Cheese, eggs, flour, and spices are mixed together and then piped into circles on a sheet tray. When they bake, the bites will puff up, becoming light and fluffy. Serve hot and be careful, once you eat one, you will need to eat more!

Finger foods offer ease and variety to your event that can’t be beaten. Hiring a finger food caterer is an even better idea to make your party simple to plan and easy to host. Be sure to situate yourself near the finger food table or by the door where the waiters come out with trays full of food- you won’t want to miss any of the tasty treats!


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