Cleaning Your Cleaning Supplies: A Guide

cleaning supplies
What is the best way to go about cleaning your cleaning supplies?

There are certain things we take for granted. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Our favorite sports team has never made a mistake, even in seasons that absolutely crushed them. And cleaning supplies are, well, self-cleaning.

Only, that last point takes a pretty big jump in logic to actually believe, right? Because once you’ve mopped up a puddle of baby puke or a splash or spilled ketchup and put away the supplies, they’re still dirty, aren’t they?

Of course, they are. So join us today, as we bring you our list of tips for cleaning your cleaning tools.

Brooms and Mops

Depending on the type of bristles your broom features, you’re going to want to make different choices when it comes to cleaning. Regardless of the type of broom, always start by removing particles from the bristles after each use. Complement this by shaking off any excess dust.

For brooms that aren’t affected by water, you may want to consider soaking yours in a bucket of water and dish soap. Leave them somewhere airy to dry immediately afterwards, making sure not to use your broom again until it’s completely dry.

When it comes to cleaning mop heads, most are actually machine washable. With liberal application of hot water and a mild detergent or bleach, it’s easy to clean yours. Dry on a low setting or allow to air dry. In cases of a mop head that is not detachable, use hot water to rinse before soaking with a disinfectant for half an hour. Dry completely before use and store somewhere dry and cool to prevent bacteria.


As a container that is only occasionally used, buckets make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria when they’re not being used. Immediately after cleaning, pour out buckets and rinse with a disinfecting solution, before drying completely. This will help to mold and bacteria.

Cleaning Rags

Rags are central to most cleaning projects and, as a result, spend a lot of time covered in disgusting muck and grime. For the most part, these swatches of material can simply be run through a washing machine with hot water. To your own tastes, feel free to add bleach for added effect, but steer clear of fabric softeners.

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