Chase Bank Forgives All Credit Card Debt If you live here


Chase bank is now officially not operating in Canada; it all starts when the financial banking company pulls out all credit cards in the country. In late March 2018 where the decision to pull out of the Canadian credit card market is in motion.

But that is not the only good news we have! alongside pulling the credit cards; the customers were told that they would still owe the money they already borrowed from Chase bank And they still have to make payment to a third-party collection agency.

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The good news is that the Chase bank made a life-changing decision for some people; where the company decided that they will forgive all outstanding debt. That means that every Canadian who owe money to the bank is now debt-free.

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This amazing news announcement by Chase bank was on Friday, August 9 by company officials; I mean what a great time to be Canadian. The company originally wanted to sell the debt to a third party, but then they figured that it would be better to just forgive the debt.

we still don’t have any data on how much debt was forgiven; or how many people benefited from this amazing news