Can’t Make Money Online? The Amazon Affiliate Program

can't make money online

One of the best ways to make money online is joining the Amazon affiliate program. Follow the steps below and find a direct link to begin your account setup.

1. Create A Blog or Website.

You will need either an active blog, website, application, or a YouTube Channels to promote your affiliated Amazon products. A good way to get a head start in receiving revenue from this venture would be to pre-populate these sites with content to show Amazon you mean business.

You will need to clearly describe your featured platforms purpose to Amazon during the application process. This helps you to identify your target audience and what methods would be best to bring tons of traffic to your site.

2. Go To Amazon Associates Homepage

Go to the Amazon Associates Home page and click ” Join Now for Free”. You will either be prompted to create an account or be logged into your already existing one. Once you’ve logged into your Amazon account click “New Customer” and begin your setup.

1. Enter Your Account Info

The first page you will be directed to will prompt you to enter your (name, email, address, and phone number.)

2. Submit Your URL

Enter your website address or addresses, your YouTube Channels, Apps, etc.

3. Provide Your Store ID

The store ID you will enter will typically be the exact same as you primary selected website name. This is where you will explain the purpose of your site and what your goals are for joining the program. After that, you will select the topics that your links will likely be targeting.

4. Explain How You Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

Amazon will ask you to explain how you will be driving your traffic to your site. You will see various options ranging from Paid search or PPC, to SEO or organic search.

5. Enter Your Preferred Phone Number

Amazon will ask you to enter your preferred phone number after which you will be prompted to click the “Call me now”. You will be called by Amazon and they will ask you o input the four-digit verification code. After that, your account setup will be complete and your account will be then approved.

6. Enter Your Billing & Payment Info

You’re almost there! Next you will have to input a valid CC and submit Tax ID info. You will have the option to do this on the spot or at a later time.

7. Create Your Amazon Affiliate Links

cant make money online

Once you have gotten to this step you can go to your Amazon Associates dashboard, here you will be able to see an overview of your earnings, your monthly summary and total clicks. It’s also where you can search for relevant products to show in your content.

Here’s How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Link:

  1. Your can choose “Quicklinks: Search for Products” o you can also select “Browse for Product”
  2. Quicklinks allows you to search for a specific product or keyword.
  3. Browsing for products allows you to search for your products through categories like Health & Beauty and Books.
  4. When you have found a relevant product all you have to do is click the “Get Link” button.
  5. You are able to then customize the link by choosing the add text and image, add text only, widget, or text only.
  6. Preview your link
  7. Copy and paste your link and place it in your site

Note: It takes 180 days for your account to be approved and during this time you will have to make at least one sale online through your affiliate link or your account will be closed. You can re-create your account after you’ve made any changes to your site.

Be sure to attract the right audience for the type of products you wish to promote. The Amazon affiliate program can be one of the best ways to generate some if you can’t make money online. Good luck!

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