Business Growth With Social Media

Business Growth With Social Media

Social Media allows almost any business to grow and build a solid foundation on the world wide web. Take a look at the following benefits and statistics for business growth with social media and how to utilize social media provided by Starkfeed.

There a number of ways social can aid Your Business:

  1. More Traffic/leads
  2. Higher Conversions
  3. More Visibility
  4. Save Marketing Dollars

List of the most beneficial and popular Social Media Platforms:

  1. Facebook 92%
  2. Twitter 84%
  3. Linkedin 71%

Fortune 500 Company Activity

  • 23% Posses a Blog 
  •  58% are on Facebook 
  • 62% are on Twitter

When using Social Campaigns, 43% of all recorded marketers have noticed an improvement in sales. Moreover, an audience is 47% more likely to purchase from a brand that they follow or like.

Business Growth With Social Media

What are the top reasons why people choose to follow businesses on Social Media?

71% of people follow businesses on social media for promotions and discounts. By keeping up with the posts and content these businesses post, their audience is able to see exactly when the deals and promotions are available.

66% of the audience follow businesses on Social Media to also keep up with the latest product information.

Prime examples:

  1. Apple
  2. Nike
  3. Addidas
  4. etc

49% of people follow businesses on Social Media for customer service. Social media provides businesses with a way to directly interact with their potential customers. When any problems arise with their service or products the audience is able to directly communicate with the company.

Most Popular Social Media Sites In U.S.

  1. Facebook 45.6%
  2. Youtube 21.6%
  3. Twitter 4.8%

If this informative article helped you grow your business check out StarkFeed’s social media guides. Learn how to build your online brand presence as well as social media marketing. Moreover, if you are too busy to do your own Social Media Marketing you can always refer to a trusted digital marketing agency.