Branding Without Logos Is The New Trend.

Doritos Marketing Strategy
Doritos Marketing Strategy

As we know the brand Logo is one of the most important factors; when it comes to the identity of the company. But Pepsico, Inc. is changing up things when it comes to their ad campaign; where they want to promote a logo-free ad.

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Instead of the regular commercial, where the Doritos logo is everywhere; they are using different psychology when it comes to this new campaign. Relying on the consumer ability to think and figure out the brand; by describing the product through clues which enhances the product effectiveness when it comes to satisfaction and identity. The consumer will associate the certain traits of the products with the brand over other products. Similar to the commercial chevy did with their cars.

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While hypothetically it’s a great idea to execute and sounds good on paper; it is still a risk the company has to take. Rachel Ferdinando senior vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay; believes that the traditional marketing efforts are no longer as effective as they used to be.

This approach focuses on making brands appear more authentic and less promotional; which can start a whole new marketing trend. It will also raise more awareness on social media; where it makes the company more vulnerable for memes and trending in an entertaining ways.