Top 5 Best Attorneys In Port Orange, Florida

Best Attorneys In Port Orange
Learn more about the best attorneys in Port Orange.

Most of us go our entire lives never once thinking about the question of legal representation. And why would we? Having a lawyer on call implies something’s gone wrong, and why would anybody want to think about something like that?

The truth is, these kinds of mishaps can happen at the drop of a hat, and to literally anybody. And when they do, it’s important to know who you can turn to.

With that in mind, join us today for our roundup of the top five best attorneys in Port Orange, Florida.

Best Attorneys In Port Orange
Learn more about the best attorneys in Port Orange.

Ward T. Berg

Ward T. Berg is a leading Central Florida personal injury attorney, based out of New Smyrna Beach. Putting more than 32 years worth of experience to use in serious injury cases, he has carved out a name for himself with single clients, families, workers, professionals, and tourists. These are clients who’ve experienced a wide range of accidents and injuries, all of whom Ward T. Berg has represented fully from beginning to end. In cases where you or a loved one are seriously injured in an accident, trust the office of Ward T. Berg.

Politis & Matovina

Politis & Matovina incorporate decades worth of professional experience into the highly-rated work they do. Covering car accidents to slip and fall injuries, their attorneys help their clients recoup their losses. It’s this professionalism that shines through in all the work they do, allowing them to help clients resolve their cases quickly and painlessly.

Simms Law Firm

Thirty years in any industry is a long time to be at it. With the wealth of experience, qualifications, and positive, hands-on education at the hands of attorney’s office Simms Law Firm, you begin to see what 30 years amount to. Boasting social work and mediation services, and the kind of passion necessary to be really effective in an industry like this, Debra G. Simms is a cut above the rest. Look for general civil practice, with a focus on Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, Real Property transactions, and Long-Term Care Asset Protection Planning.

Gina Sylvestri

The office of Gina Sylvestri proudly boasts an experienced, comprehensive, and aggressive representation, as well as services canvassing a huge of legal concerns. Clients are on the receiving end of highly-personalized attention, with direct communication over the entire course of the legal proceeding. Practice areas include real estate and family law, bankruptcy law, wills, trusts, business contracts, labor law, small business counseling, and civil litigation.

Sheryl Zust

The office of Sheryl Zust is a debt relief agency, with a highly-experienced team of professional representatives, ready to tackle your problems alongside you. File for bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Reorganization, foreclosures and harassment cases as a resident of Central or Eastern Florida, as well as Orlando.

And there you have it. The five best attorneys in Port Orange. Port Orange’s best legal representation, ready to represent you in the biggest legal issues life has to throw at you.