Best 8 Habits of Highly Successful Employee

Habits of Highly Successful

Habits are reminiscent of addictions. However, the latter is most of the times associated with destructive behavior such as smoking. When it comes to habits that transform lives, Steven Covey 7 habits of highly successful people are perfect examples of the things people pursue to better their lives in one way or the other, including at the workplace.

With that, one should ask these questions. Am I pursuing healthy habits or bad ones? Will they make me a productive person or they all together will lead to something worse, like losing my job?

Think about workplace ethics and codes of conduct, part of which constitute habits and routines. Perhaps you would want to do things the same way as a highly ranked workmate, but will it materialize into personal motivation and achievements? In this post, I take you through the best eight habits of highly successful employees.

But first things first,

Who is a successful employee?
Human labor makes an integral part of the economy. People pay taxes, and the more one is productive, efficient, effective and dependable at the workplace, the higher his or her chances of earning a well-deserved promotion. It is to say, over time, most people have misconstrued workplace success to mean earning more money at the end of the week, month or year. Some people think it is wholly about working selflessly for the good of an organization.

The truth is; the amount of money you take home on payday is only part of it. Therefore, employees who want to succeed should, first of all, understand the following aspects of personal development:

• Good Management skills.
Sounds more of a managerial duty than that a junior staff, right? Well, one of the questions that people who want to succeed at the workspace should ask is; can I fit into the manager’s shoes? Everyone wants to lead in the end, but it is only possible through manifest managerial skills, leadership skills and having a sense of responsibility.

• Do you know how to run a meeting?
Meetings are part and parcel of everyday workplace activities. But the question is; what if you are to run one in the absence of your supervisor or manager? Are you able to preside over workplace discussions and achieve meaningful ends?

An employee who can run a meeting is that who is not only conscious of time but is also able to manage groups. There is always a tendency of people veering off issues of the day during meetings, in which case, it takes a true team leader to bring everyone’s to focus.

The Habits

The advent of the web has brought with it, lots of opportunities and right from school to the professional world. Help with assignment writing is a common question these days among students who want to hire help. At the workplace, it equally takes the involvement of an experienced employee to guide one to greater heights of excellence.

If, say, you’ve read the habit book, you may already have a clue about some of the things people do to achieve more, but are you able to show in practice that everything doesn’t end with memorizing 7 habits of highly effective people? Here is a run-through on the habits that build a successful worker.

1 Highly Motivated 

Self-motivation is one thing that distinguishes a selfless employee from one who only works for the money. A successful employee is not only that. He is always out there trying to build a company’s reputation at dinner meetings and promotional events. Most of all, he knows when personal ambitions should come before that of an organization and vice versa.

2 Highly Responsible 

While an organization’s success is a product of collective actions, would you blame everyone when deadlines are not met or when clients complain about poor service delivery? At least that is not the case with a successful employee. They always own up to their mistakes and show remorse for it. But most of all, a desire to improve is something they keep burning.

3 They are assertive 

Come to think about it. An employee who never turns down projects because he or she fears it might lead to job loss. The point here is that it is important to know your limits. If a new task is going to be overbearing, there is no point of being overambitious. Those who set realistic goals know when to say no.

4 Positive-minded 

The workplace is never free from pressure. But the question is; will do way too much in a day’s bring down your morale or motivation? It is imperative to cultivate an inner environment of positivism amidst all the tight deadlines. That way, you can equally help create a working environment that is conducive.

5 Use criticism for self-improvement 

Laxity and comfort zones are some of the things that rob many of a desire to improve in the workplace. You may be satisfied with good pay, but that’s not an end in itself. It is important that one takes on more challenging tasks as well as be explorative about new opportunities. And when it comes to criticism, success only comes to those turn mistakes around for self-improvement.

6 Highly Professional 

Most people think professionalism is all about work experience and earning more, but that’s a misconception. If you have demonstrable dignity, respect for workmates, good communication ethics and report to work on time, including meeting deadlines, you are on the way to the top of the success ladder.

7 They are creative and innovative 

Tech companies emphasize creativity when recruiting developers. Are you able to do things differently, thereby bring about change in an organization? Also, are you able to adapt to change? Employees who harbor creative and innovative habits become successful in no time.

8 Great problem-solving skills 

Being able to solve a problem at critical moments makes one equal to the task of leading others. And if you can do so intuitively, taking the lead notwithstanding, excellence is nothing to worry you.
In a nutshell, success comes to those whose ambitions at the workplace are guided by habits that make amends with experience, skills, and knowledge. They know when to say no and how to blend with others with the aim of creating a wonderful team.


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