Benefits of Traveling The World – Why Traveling is Good for You

Traveling The World

Traveling is good for you. When it comes to traveling we have some grumpy people who hate it and ones who love it. Today, we’re going to be talking about why traveling is good for you. What benefit traveling has to offer.

Benefits of traveling


A study by Cornell University says that spending money on experiences rather than material objects makes us happier.

Less Stress

Regular breaks reduce cortisol levels, the stress hormone that builds up as we work harder, and it’s linked to a whole range of woes from headaches to heart disease.

Critical Thinking

Researchers at Indiana University have shown that when you’ve put some distance between you and a problem, your thinking becomes more expansive. Because of that, you’re able to think more abstractly and fluidly, coming up with completely new ways of tackling a situation.

More Confidence 

Traveling in a foreign country means you don’t have your usual safety net to fall back on. If you get stuck, you’re forced to find a solution yourself, like finding your way back to your hotel or camp, working wonders for your self-belief.

Better Sleep

A study for Air New Zealand discovered that after just a few days into your trip your “good quality” sleep will increase by about an hour, leaving you more energized for what you’re there to do.

Learn to be Alone

With no internet access, and in a country where you don’t speak the language, you become more comfortable being alone with your thoughts, giving greater peace of mind.

Broaden the Mind

Seeing new places and cultures broaden the mind and open it to new ideas or even new ways of thinking, providing a new appreciation for the unknown.

It Keeps Us Fit

Whether it be a dip in the sea or climbing a mountain, traveling involves exercise, and usually, you’re having too much fun to notice.

Vitamin D Boost

Increased sun exposure and vitamin D makes us happier and healthier. The perfect antidote for the winter blues.

Live Longer

According to 2013 US study, people who travel more have longer life expectancies. Men who didn’t take an annual holiday were 30% more likely to develop heart disease.

Appreciate What You Have

For most people, if you can’t fit it in your suitcase or backpack, you’ll have to do without it. Traveling for an extended period with only what you can carry makes you less possessive and more content with what you already have.

Discover Yourself

Traveling the world, with all of the people, experiences, and challenges that come with it helps you to discover who you are in a way you just can’t do at home.

Form Meaningful Relationships

People you meet on the road often make valuable friendships that will last long after you’ve gone separate ways. Meeting people from all around the world gives you a glimpse into new perspectives and philosophies.

Creative Inspiration

Seeing new places, and all of the new experiences that come with it opens the mind to new ways of thinking that can provide some much-needed inspiration and creativity.


Traveling the world teaches you a range of things like history, politics, geography and sociology – and what’s more, there are no exams at the university of life.’

Develop New Skills

In a foreign environment you’ll be pushed into situations you might normally avoid. As a result, you’ll learn to do new things and, in doing so, develop skills you never thought you had.


learning languages is much easier when you’re in that language’s native country, and not only that, the locals will be much more receptive to anyone who makes even a small effort to speak their language, which can open doors for you (literally!).

Try New Food

Things you never expected to be put on a plate could become your new favorite food. Any new culture has its own rich culinary traditions, opening your taste buds to all sorts of new foods and flavors.

Appreciate Home Comforts

We all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, the same is true even when you’re in paradise. Traveling makes you appreciate home and everything that comes with it.

Detox From Social Media

Being in places with poor reception or no Wi-Fi leaves you no choice but to switch off and be more present in the ‘here and now’, which you’ll find to be incredibly liberating.

Long-Term Benefits

It’s not just when you’re out there that you benefit from traveling, many effects are things that stay and grow with us, making us more confident and happy in the long term.

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