Apple Warns Its Credit Card Buyers Not To Keep It Near Leather Or Denim Or Even Loose Change

apple card

The New Apple Card will be completely manufactured using titanium. Though the metal is strong and durable, it’s smooth finish makes it extremely vulnerable to scratches and smudges. by the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Denim
  • Loose change
  • etc.

Apple took to warning its Apple Card buyers that the denim and leather materials can cause even permanent damage to the coloration. Moreover, damage that you cant wash out.

Apple states that its card should not be kept in wallets tha currently have any credit cards inside of it due to it likely getting scratched, purses or pockets with loose change, or anywhere near abrasive objects.

“If your titanium Apple Card comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials, it’s possible that the coating can be damaged.” – Apple

In short, the card shouldn’t be in contact with anything!

The card is only available to iPhone and it will feature a minimalist white design and display no numbers.

Interested card holders are encouraged to keep the apple card in a safe space with smooth objects only. Cleaning the card will require you to clean it with a microfiber cloth and rub gently when the card surface is moistened.