Aguaje: The Super Fruit to Build a Super Bod

Womens Health
Consuming aguaje promotes female health and fertility while give you the breasts and buttocks you desire!

Deep in the jungle’s of Peru grows the Aguaje, colloquially known as Buriti. It is a fruit that grow from a palm tree native to the Brasil and Peru. With seven to twelve times the amount of beta carotene than carrots, it is the most concentrated source of Vitamin A in the world. Here is what the super fruit, aguaje, can do to support women’s health.

Supports a Curvy Body for Women

Although research on this dietary supplement hasn’t been taken too far, the effects of it our colloquially known. Aguaje contains phyto-hormones, that mimic female hormones like estrogen. Consuming this super fruit can supplement these hormones, which in turn results in increased buttock, thigh and breast size.

Benefits to Skin and Female Anatomy

Since aguaje contains these phyto hormones that mimic female hormones, this is a great way to improve women’s health for all ages.

The phyto-hormones balance and supplement the estrogen in the body, resulting in added support for women undergoing menopause by reducing its symptoms.

The vitamin A in this super fruit helps maintain healthy skin, teeth, mucous membranes, and bone strength. Aguaje oils especially help skin as well. The natives of Peru use it to soothe burns.

For women who are infertile, Aguaje is said to promote and restore fertility.

This fruit also promotes a healthy lifestyle, making the hormones in the body more balanced. The effects are best supplemented with a good diet and exercise.

How to Consume

Aguaje is available in powder or capsules. It is best used in conjuction with a healthy diet. Take capsules before or after every meal. It is one of the best ways to promote women’s health.

Why is It Popular?

Aguaje is becoming more popular as women are looking for better and more natural ways to supplement growth. It is a healthy alternative to get the best feminine physique while promoting skin, bone, and teeth health with its high concentration or vitamin A.

How To Get Them

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