Agent of Opportunity: Why the World Owes you Nothing

Be the architect of your own success

Based on the many blogs and articles already written on why the world does not owe its inhabitants anything, it is safe to say that the general consensus on the subject is similar for all. The World does not owe us anything, sure, but many fail to realize what the world has to offer. In the claim that the world does not owe us anything is the loss of the greatest combatant against entitlement: opportunity.

What is Opportunity?

Opportunity is the catalyst of successful ventures. There are two types of opportunities that can determine the value of success.

Circumstantial Opportunity – In this instance, we are given the tools, and or motivation to see our goals met. Though we are not entitled to these opportunities, the world produces these almost infinitely, and in infinitely many different circumstances.

Established Opportunity – Opportunities that are established through motivation, determination and perseverance are not given, but earned. However it is important to realize that in any endeavor, the greatest successes have been made by those who climbed on the shoulders of giants.

Those with circumstantial opportunities, such as growing up in a wealthy family or being given a car on a sixteenth birthday, are more at risk of failing to realize the value of their opportunities. However, when that car or wealth is worked for, the value to its holder is of more than it is worth. In saying this, the staunch difference between those who feel that the world owes them, versus those  who understand that the world is the foundation for opportunities to produce success.

Though distinguishing the two types of opportunity is irrelevant, understanding that opportunity is, in its simplest form, is one thing we are given to succeed.

However, in most cases, we are given opportunities and we do not take them. Why is that? Either we are not ready to accept these opportunities, or we do not want to take the risk.

Opportunities are what we make of them. As we realize that we are not owed anything by simply existing, we are granted one thing, by our existence: the opportunity to choose.

Why is this important?

Because what we choose to believe, do, the way we choose to behave all has an impact on our success.

The Answer Is Still No

The feeling of entitlement in the most recent generations has come from the bad habits of parents and social ideals in which kids are raised to believe that they are special simply for being.

The effects of these bad habits comes when these children become young adults, and they are met with the harsh reality that they are not unique in the ways that have been described to them. These people will find out what it means to fail

However, failure is the agent of opportunity. A chance to learn is an opportunity to succeed. And therefore in failure, we are given the tools to succeed. This realization is one of the great trials of life, as many are not able to recognize the opportunity that comes with failure.

The only obligations we should adhere to are the obligations we have to ourselves, making sure that we are ready for the opportunities we get that will help us to succeed. Self-respect, self-determination, and self-preservation are all the things we owe ourselves in order to not only be the best we can be, but to give back to the world that has given us the opportunity to succeed.